About US

NOXTAK is a green tech company that uses nanotechnology and environmental assessments to promote electropollution-free environments, protect nature and human health. It began as a scientific research project founded in 2012 by electrohypersensitive people who wanted solutions that would allow them to co-exist with modern life, filtering electromagnetic waves from man-made sources without blocking them, creating then a new standard of clean and human-friendly technologies.



NOXTAK Project Foundation


Start of Pilot Project for Environmental Monitoring in Aruba.

Born as an environmental research and nanotechnology company.

Specimen of SPIRO material finished and sent to IGEF for studies.


EHS case studies begin, in Aruba and Curacao.

It is registered as a company in the United States.


Registers its NOXTAK and SPIRO brands in the USA and worldwide.

Presents the final formulation of its SPIRO Material.

Technical studies begin with independent TELECOM laboratories.


Presentation at MIAGREEN 2016 with preliminary environmental results.

Presentation of SPIRO nanotechnology patents to the USPTO.

Exhibition at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on SPIRO Material

Exhibition at the Public Private Partnership P3A Conference in Aruba.

Exhibition and Special Workshop given at the Ecological Congress in Costa Rica

Exhibition and Presentation at Smart City Event 2016 in Amsterdam, Holland.

EMF Pilot Project to local government of the city of Doral, Florida.

Exhibit at the Aruba Green Conference


GEMS sensor patents filing with the USPTO.

Start of the EHS Census of 29 Common Symptoms.

First Aruba EMF Exposure Pilot Assessment Cut 2013 – 2017

Participation in the Mobile World Congress of the Americas


Definitive Approval of SPIRO Patents

Signing of MOU with NEM Foundation for Blockchain Monitoring software

NOXTAK Las Vegas Presentation at ChangeXchange 2018

Educational Tour in Latam (Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica).


Exhibit in the Resilient Technologies Pavilion at CES2019 Las Vegas

GEMS Sensors Patent Approval.

Gold Medal in Environmental Protection at SVIIF Silicon Valley

International Prize of the House of Geneva – Silicon Valley

Exhibit at EMFC2019 in California.


Edison Award 2020 Winners – Silver in Materials Science, Nanotech


German Innovation Awards 2021 Winners – Excellence in Business to Consumer – Entertainment Electronics

Experts behind your EMF PRotection

Get to know our founders

José Joaquín Machado

He has been a researcher in Electromagnetic Fields since 2000. As an expert in Electrosmog environmental emissions, he has evaluated more than 30 cities in 14 countries. He has 3 approved global invention patents for Electrosmog. He has evaluated more than 1,000 EHS cases. Director of the EFEIA.org initiative

Marianella Romero

She is an engineer who suffered from Advanced EHS for more than 10 years. Since then, she has specialized in EHS case assessment and today she has over 100 EMF pollution case studies. She is a promoter of the EHS global census initiative, and is specialized in reviewing products and solutions for Electrosmog.