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NOXTAK takes a chance on the Blockchain Technology and offers specialized solutions for smart cities

As pioneers in the development of ecological and innovative technologies that allow us to improve the quality of life, take care of natural resources and to promote digital innovation, NOXTAK works in hand with national and local governments, as well as with organizations and multilateral institutions in the design and promotion of projects from a circle economy and through the implementation of the Blockchain ecosystem.

One of the purposes of NOXTAK Group is to offer specialized advisory for the development of integrated solutions that makes cities of the future sustainable, secures, efficient, decentralized, connected, automate and innovated.

Therefore, NOXTAK counts on a group of thirty-five specialized engineers in Blockchain technology, who support government agencies in the design of projects to solve the urban, economic and social difficulties faced by the human being, while addressing the growing needs of digitalization of societies.

What is the Blockchain Technology?

The Blockchain Technology is a system that monitors in a very sophisticated and automatic way the transaction of the information, through one platform completely safe and with a base of a mathematical protocol of codification that guarantees the encryption from the whole transfers of data.

It is compared to a countability book of an enterprise company where the entries and exits of money are recorded. But with one exception. In Blockchain it’s about a book of digital events, in which nodes are used to duplicate or to multiply the data registered. These nodes are computers located in any side of the world and have the function to supervise, audit, manage and secure the functionality of the blockchain system.

How does the Blockchain Technology function?

The blockchain technology it’s a combination of the P2P technology exchange between peers and cryptographic. This means that the transactions carried out within the chain of blocks are created only by the members of the system, then they are registered and finally transmitted to all the nodes of the network immediately. So, in a way, this guarantee the frequency of the actualization for transactions in all the system.

Inside of the technology of blockchain the consent is the key. Everything that happens inside of the ecosystem its validated by a unique traceable consensus mechanism. Which means that if anybody inside the system tries to tamper the information, the rest of the copies spread around the world will reject it. Meaning that all the members of the system won’t accept any kind of information that doesn’t have previous records.

All of this happens in an encrypted and anonymously way, ensuring the objectivity of handling the data.

In summary, the blockchain technology possesses four fundamental characteristics that make it the most effective option that will keep on growing and embracing more applications around the world. These qualities are:

NOXTAK and the Blockchain Technology

The necessity of environmental monitoring offered by the NOXTAK Group motivated the approach of the company to the Blockchain Technology

The NOXTAK Group internationally patented a Global Monitoring System, underpinned by the IOT (Internet of Things), which facilitates the collection of data from a sensor installed inside an edification up to an open zone, converting these data into environmental values.

Once on track, the company dedicated the time to investigate a secure way to manage all the information that was collected in this process. The result was overwhelming, so currently, the best technology available is the Blockchain because it provides:


To ensure consistency between the data that was collected with the ones recorded in the system.


To certificate that the laboratory of information offered to the clients is precise and honest.


To be invulnerable from hackers’ attacks and to bring spaces of information that cannot be erased or adulterated.

Following the previous investigation about alternatives for encryption and Big Data protection, NOXTAK Group started to explore the possibilities of offering new services to local governments around the world, based on the blockchain technology. Also, the company began to create financial solutions through the circled economy model to ensure projects development of control and environmental efficiency.

In this manner, the NOXTAK solutions line was created, based on blockchain technology to optimize the government procedures among the executive offices, as in the associates to legislative and court systems of the local and national democracies around the world. All of this based on the premise of a secure, efficient and trustful digital management.

An Innovative and specialized team in Blockchain Technology.

NOXTAK has a group of thirty-five engineers specialized in programming and development of the blockchain technology, differentiated and available for all the industries capable of changing the way they manage the information a data on the internal side of their companies.

Through a strategic partnership of scientific cooperation and educational with Foundation, the NOXTAK Group offers advisory services of planning, developing and execution of governmental, academics, corporate and organizational projects all focused on the blockchain technology to resolve the today’s necessities on a global scale.

In public matter, NOXTAK and support governmental organizations across the world to improve their transaction and operation system, to ensure transparency of the information management, to avoid fraud and to establish trust.

To NOXTAK Group the blockchain technology is the fundamental key to the developing automatization systems for smart cities. It’s about a significant platform that warrants the global monitoring of services that at the same time it generates automatization in the processes.

Two enterprises, two technologies, and one innovative vision, this is the NOXTAK – alliance… one competitive offer that combines technological expertise from NOXTAK Group and a 5G, Industrial IOT system integrated upon the Blockchain platform which is, reliable, scalable, traceable, fast and auditable like NEM its derivatives. Results? The best proposal on the market.