Business to Government (B2G)

NOXTAK is committed to work directly with B2G (Business to Government), to assist with our products to develop smart, especially healthy and sustainable cities and habitats.

We collaborate with government offices in the formation and training for its technical staff on the entire subject of electro-pollution and on how to make effective assessments. We provide lectures, courses to train technicians to identify areas of high pollution that need to be neutralized with NOXTAK products.

We also assist governments with establishing of regulations and laws that compliant with the latest scientific research. Under the principle of precaution, we guarantee that in a short term we can create cities completely free of electro-pollution


Sustainable connectivity will only be possible if we are completely free of electro-pollution, otherwise electro-static discharges, electromagnetic interference and radio frequencies will be bigger and they will sabotage the entire communication system of smart cities.

Electro-pollution will also accelerate the deterioration of the equipment and increasing the risk of fire or spontaneous combustion due to the increase of static, not even mentioning a major electrical waste in all the technologies.

On the other hand, the increase of wireless sensors, WIFI routers, satellite signals and the radio frequency in the cities have a direct influence on the human health, with a direct impact on the development of electro-stress and in the worst cases development of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

Our specialists are involved at the working tables and governmental planning associated to Smart City countries projects, for sustainable and enduring planning from the point of view of the electro-pollution.


The International Union of telecommunications (IUT), and the International Commission on non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP), are scientific organizations whose goals are to provide guidance and advice on the health risks exposure to non-ionising radiation. Their technical expertise indicate which are the maximum emission values that are allowed in countries so that such exposure doesn’t result into a risk for our health.

Countries are subscribed voluntarily to comply with a specific legislation placing the maximum limits of public exposure on specific values. The problem is that these regulations are highly outdated and the values listed as healthy are thousand times above what the scientific knowledge has found as harmful to health and environment.

NOXTAK Group has knowledge about actual exposure levels in multiple cities. NOXTAK promotes and advises the creation of new regulations that fit the scientific knowledge internationally recognized in the 2012 Bio-initiative report and advises which regulations are sustainable in the long term and which can adapt and apply in any ICT system.


Since its birth, the NOXTAK group has been created and promoted by people that suffer from Electro-stress or Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). These people found relieve using NOXTAK products which were able to give them quality of life and the capability of wandering through in public environments without any discomfort, soreness, fatigue or dizziness.

The NOXTAK group, is aware that today thousands of people are suffering from EHS, without even knowing and on the other hand the scientists are indicating that gradually humanity will become “electro-sensitive”.

Therefore, the focus of the company is based on a broad solutions covering all technologies and ensuring a healthy environment regardless of the consumption of electricity.

Our corporate services are focusing on this purpose: to work with governments and accelerate the process of achieving areas and cities that are free of electro-pollution for the well-being of biological system and the environment in general.

In that sense we offer a CERTIFICATION SERVICE for corporations and governments called:


Following a very precisely method of assessment to the space to be certified, we check all the different areas and types of electrical pollution and according to the levels or total absence of pollution we certified the space or building in that sense. All the certification available in the market related to energy are talking only about Efficiency, this certification goes far and talks about an Electro Health Environment, for all biological systems. A real and true way to be green, to be ecological…