Some of the most common sources of EMF pollution are high voltage lines, electrical panels, electrical appliances and all electrical machines that are producing artificial polluted fields. Other common sources are mobile phone towers, cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers installed in the homes, that emit permanently microwave signals with DPA (Data Package Alterations), polluting the environment with unbalanced electromagnetic loads.

The symptoms listed in this survey are normally related to different types of diseases and side effects from taking medications and various medical treatments. The purpose of this survey is to identify the presence of several of these symptoms in people who are not sick or under some sort of medical treatment. Symptoms that can be described as spontaneous without known cause, with the purpose of identifying possible chronic disorders, sensitivity and/or stress in the body related to electro-pollution.

Similar surveys inquired about the number of hours the electronic devices and telecommunications systems (Mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) where used on a daily basis. The reason was that these symptoms (without known cause) only appeared in compulsive users and without having any specific type of disease. Currently, the levels of EMF pollution combined by multiple electrical and wireless telecommunication signals, have risen the public exposure to levels where it is possible that people that use very little modern technology, also can develop a chronic disturbance in the body.


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