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The power of an improved product

A product innovation is the introduction to the market of a new or improved good or service versus its previous version. Its basic features, technical specifications, embedded software or other intangible components, desired purposes or benefits can be improved.

An innovative technical improvement in your product can make the difference in its market positioning. In the consumer electronics industry, and especially in the mobile phones industry, no significant innovation has been seen in the last decade. The improvements we have seen the past years on important events such as the Mobile World Congress, have been pure cosmetic (better cameras, bigger screens, higher resolutions). I ask, is this the best we can do? What is the next step? What is the next major breakthrough?

We have reached a status quo point in mobile devices manufacturing. The market is flooded with similar products, with not so impressive improvements every year. What happens when the market doesn’t know how what are the real needs?

With EMF pollution the above could not be truer, the scientific evidence is overwhelming, but the average man or woman does not know. We are getting to a stage where technological progress is threatened. The fourth industrial revolution of hyper connectivity requires “EMF FREE” environments, otherwise the systems will tend to crash.

That is why, as the inventor of the SPIRO material, I officially invite manufacturers to look in this direction, to innovate beyond cosmetic improvements and to produce a new type of technology that is green and human friendly. We can greatly improve the electronic design, and the SPIRO Technology can be embedded into any electronic device making it EMF FREE.

For this reason, starting today, I open the possibility of cooperation with other technology developers who want to include SPIRO in their manufacturing process, and enter into licensing agreements or joint ventures.

We are open to talk, if you are a technology manufacturer, consider it.