NOXTAK® Technologies

Nanotechnology Firm Inaugurates its Operations in Costa Rica

NOXTAK, a multinational firm specializing in nanotechnology for the control and mitigation of electromagnetic pollution from any source, has announced that it has chosen Costa Rica for setting up its operations.

In the coming months, the company will start hiring personnel for manufacturing, design and engineering. At present, 11 employees are already working in the company’s administrative offices.

NOXTAK also offers an array of services for technical environmental impact assessment and measurement of the different technologies in use today, as well as environmental certifications such as the EHE.

Minister of Foreign Trade Dyalá Jiménez emphasized the strong signal given by NOXTAK by installing in our country a team of R&D engineers who will be looking to take advantage of our human talent. “Companies such as NOXTAK are becoming schools for Costa Ricans, changing our daily lives and challenging us to be better every day for the wellbeing of the majority. We congratulate them on the inauguration of their operations in this country and hope to continue growing together and learning to benefit many people through innovation.”

Carlos Aguilar, Corporate PR Director, commented: “In the medium term, with the exponential growth of our company in other parts of Central America plus the virtual transfer of assembly operations to Costa Rica, 15 additional people will be hired from here to the end of October 2019, and 20 more will be hired for assembly and testing. At the moment, there are 11 of us working locally in the administrative offices.”

NOXTAK will be developing solutions in Costa Rica for the control of electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices and will be offering an array of services for technical environmental impact assessment and measurement of the different technologies in use today. The company is also considering providing advisory, design and development for government projects, using the blockchain ecosystem.

“Jobs generated by multinational companies arriving in Costa Rica tend to be particularly high-quality and well-paid. In 2017 alone, the companies attracted by CINDE generated 13,754 new jobs. We are pleased that NOXTAK has decided to set up its operations in Costa Rica, and more so that its plans include engineering and design for its local offices,” remarked CINDE Managing Director Jorge Sequeira.

Those interested in applying for a job in the company can do so directly at its offices in the Lindora Momentum Corporate Center, Santa Ana arterial road, Nómada Oeste office park, or at its e-mail address,