Our Technology


The SPIRO® technology can be summarized as a nanocomposite material that exhibits a stable ferromagnetism in nanoscale. Its natural magnetic anisotropy facilitates spin polarization of elementary particles in electromagnetic waves, thanks to spin-orbit interaction, and Bloch walls. This process previously described, eliminates the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation.


SPIRO® material reorganizes the fundamental particles in artificial fields, making them behave in the same way as natural field related particles.

In other words, SPIRO® was designed to have specific magnetic properties that generate a protective dominant field in which any artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) will be neutralized or filtered to get rid of its dangerous effects.

The amount of SPIRO® material needed to effectively neutralize the negative effects of EMF is proportional to the amount of energy present (measured in power density and magnetic flux). 

After many years of research, we have developed a solution that can be adapted to different levels of radiation a person can be exposed to depending on their lifestyle or surrounding conditions. 


SPIRO® does not block or shield EMF. It is 100% compatible with all technologies and will not affect any device performance, or it’s ability to transmit wireless information. It will actually improve its functionality. Instead, SPIRO® generates a dominant magnetic field that polarizes electromagnetic waves and neutralize dangerous effects.

There is no EMF meter that can measure polarized vs. non-polarized EMF. If you use one of these meters to try to verify a reduction in exposure levels, you will not see this happening. SPIRO® does not block or shield, instead it polarizes and neutralizes.