SPIRO® Card L2

Capable of handling the electromagnetic fields generated by personal use electronic devices such a cellphones, tablets, wearables, etc.
Up to 3 devices*


SPIRO® Card L2 is an EMF protection device for personal use. Capable of handling EMF generated by personal use electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, wearables, etc. (Up to 3 devices*)

  • EMF Protection, portable, personal solution. Put it on your cell phone case, in your wallet or purse. Carry it with you all the time.
  • SPIRO® Card L2 has a radius of action of 3.5 feet and will protect you up to 3 personal use electronics (cell phones, wearables, wireless headphones. etc.)
  • SPIRO® Card is not a blocker, it will not affect the performance or your devices or the quality of your wireless service.
  • EMF science-based solution that is compatible with today’s exponential technology growth. It even works with upcoming 5G high frequencies.
  • The only non-blocking solution for EMF, SPIRO® was designed with nanotechnology to have specific magnetic characteristics and protect you from electromagnetic waves.


Simply carry it with you all the time. Put it in your cell phone case, in your wallet or purse, or simply wear it in your pocket. No need for batteries or wires. The main properties of the SPIRO® material will be constantly protecting you.

If you only have one or two electronic devices with you, you will only need to carry one SPIRO® L2 card on. The main magnetic properties will not wear off, as long as your card is in good shape, it will work.


EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. Any device that works with electricity generates EMF around itself, the closer we are to that device, the higher is the level of exposure to this type of radiation. On top of that, we are surrounded by invisible wireless signals all day (Cell phone service, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)

Constant EMF exposure is linked to many health problems. In the past, the approach to solve this problem was to use blocking or shielding equipment. This just doesn’t make any sense in today’s technological and interconnected world.

NOXTAK introduces SPIRO®, a new technology that protects from EMF without blocking any wireless signal. This means that you can keep using your favorite electronic gadgets, worry free from EMF danger.

Using nanotechnology, SPIRO® was designed to have specific magnetic properties that generate a protective dominant field. In other words, while under the radius of action of this field, any dangerous electromagnetic wave will be neutralized.


SPIRO® does not block or shield EMF. It is 100% compatible with all technologies and will not affect any device performance, or it’s ability to transmit wireless information. It will actually improve its functionality. Instead, SPIRO® generates a dominant magnetic field that polarizes electromagnetic waves and neutralize dangerous effects.

There is no EMF meter that measures polarized vs non-polarized EMF. If you use one of these meters to try to verify a reduction in exposure levels, you will not see this happening. SPIRO® is not blocking or shielding, it is polarizing and neutralizing. (See research studies results)


We take testing very seriously; we have executed both technological and healthcare tests. Here are the various tests we’ve put SPIRO® through:

  • Healthcare testing executed by the International Association for Electrosmog-Research (IGEF), showed that SPIRO® improves the ability to regulate the heart rate variability. Heart rate variability is affected while under the effects of EMF.
  • Over-the-air performance testing showed Improvement in wireless radiation pattern distribution. Transmission power peaks are removed, and the wireless signal is uniformly distributed.
  • MIMO throughput testing shows that device’s performance is not affected while being in the vicinity of SPIRO®, download speed variations are minimal and negligible.

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