The Stroom Master® is designed to filter EMF pollution generated by voltage transients and harmonics present in power lines. Equipped with our patented SPIRO® technology, Stroom Master® will not only filter EMF pollution in the wiring but also EMF present in the environment in a radius around 2.5 meters, all the RF and Microwave signals from different sources with this product are filtered.

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Designed to filter EMF generated by voltage transients, interferences, and harmonics present in power lines (dirty electricity or electrical noise). Different to other dirty electricity filters, Stroom Master comes with a new and innovating technology known as SPIRO®, a nanocomposite material that minimizes harmful effects caused by EMF and microwaves exposure without blocking any wireless signal.

  • Dirty Electricity Filter
  • SPIRO – EMF Nanomagnetic Polarizing Filter
  • Integrated 15-Amp Surge Protector. Built-in Outlet (Type B)
  • LED on/off Indicator. Easy plug-in install
  • Damage-resistant housing
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Human Health Both low-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by dirty electricity and high-frequency radiation fields created by microwaves are classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization. Stroom Master helps to control the dangerous effects of EMF on human health, like increased risk for cancer, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances. It is the ideal solution for people with Electro-Hypersenstivity (EHS) symptoms.
Less EMI/RFI Stroom Master minimizes disturbances generated in the power line by external sources. It filters instabilities caused by power devices, appliances and electrical equipment connected to the power grid, and high frequency interferences induced by wireless signals in the environment. Thus, preventing electrical circuits from degrading or even stop functioning. ​
Healthy Environments By addressing different sources of EMF pollution at the same time, Stroom Master improves the electromagnetic hygiene at home or work. Without blocking any wireless signal, it is possible to enjoy spaces where harmful effects of EMF exposure are minimized.
Energy Savings There is a link between power quality issues and energy waste. If a portion of the power received is unusable because of poor quality, the consumer is paying for wasted energy. Because Stroom Master connects to the power grid, the noise reduction and line conditioning effect provides a more efficient power use and reduced energy consumption.
Optimized Wireless Signals Stroom Master uses the SPIRO® technology, a nanocomposite material developed to generate a dominant electromagnetic field that has a polarizing effect on electromagnetic waves (wireless signals). This technology has been tested and it shows a clear improvement in the radiation propagation pattern of different devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. Through Over-the-Air (OTA) communications tests, it was evident that using SPIRO® resulted in wireless signal quality improvement, information packet loss decrease, and more efficient signal power distribution.


  1. Plug into an electrical outlet or power strip.
  2. Check the blue indicator light on the front to verify that the device is on.
  3. Stroom Master has a built-in electrical outlet that allows to plug in any other device or appliance.
  4. Use an EMI meter (electromagnetic interference meter, sold separately) to check before and after dirty electricity levels. Recommended levels must be under 100mV.


Installing the recommended amount of filters in your home you will  get rid of dirty electricity, and protect yourself from EMF

For an average household or small office you should use::

1 Stroom Master every 194 ft2

For example, a house with af 970 ft2 area should install 5 Stroom Master.

Remember to install one Stroom Master on each room (Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room, Media Room, Home Office, Bedroom, etc.)

Also make sure you install a Stroom Master where your main EMF sources are located (Wi-Fi router, microwave oven, etc.)

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