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EMF Protection for Public Areas
Protecting Communities from the harmful effects of Wireless Technologies and Smart Cities
Electro-Healthy EV Cars
Protecting your health from the higher levels of exposure emanating from your EV Car. The solution was proven in Tesla models 2021 / 2022
Radiation-free schools for healthier youths
EMF consultancy and custom-made solutions for healthy schools Eco-Wifi Zones / Protection from Cell Phone Towers / Free of Dirty Power
Radiation Protection for Office Spaces
Our EMF filtering solutions add value to your company by helping you provide top-quality wireless signals while protecting your workforce and clients from the effects of EMF radiation
Homes Free of EMF emissions
Protect your loved ones from EMF exposure, and ensure your home is a clean environment. Free Guidance with our E-Book “Do Your Own Test” and more Services Available
Get the maximum performance in sports
Our SPIRO® EMF filtering solutions have been proven to optimize physical performance through international independent studies
Clean technologies for a Better Sleep
EMFs could affect the quality of your sleep and you don’t know it yet. Our products' solutions are made to ensure a restful sleep. Contact us and take our free Sleep Quality Survey.
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EMF CONSULTANTS | radiation specialist


EMF pollution, also known as Electrosmog or Disturbed Radiation, is an environmental toxin that represents a threat to our health, the environment, and the well-functioning of technologies and telecommunications due to the increase of EMI, and, especially, multiple RFI. Wireless technologies, such as 5G and public WiFi, will be connecting billions of devices in the coming years, so protecting our health from this pollution will become a vital choice. 

For years, NOXTAK® has worked non-stop to bring a science-based solution to this problem that allows people to keep using technologies to their fullest while being protected from the effects this radiation may cause. If you would like to know more about NOXTAK® and our work, this is the site for you. 

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The SPIRO® technology can be summarized as a nanocomposite material that exhibits a stable ferromagnetism in nanoscale. Its natural magnetic anisotropy facilitates spin polarization of elementary particles in electromagnetic waves, thanks to spin-orbit interaction, and Bloch walls. This process previously described, eliminates the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation.

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Individual, residential, and commercial EMF protection

Products based on our SPIRO® technology