Protect your health from EMF Pollution:

Learn how Noxtak helps you counteract it in a practical and effective way.


Each day adults and children are

exposed to higher doses of electromagnetic pollution.

Did you know that electromagnetic (EMF)
pollution could be the cause behind

headaches, arrhythmia, insomnia, fatigue, muscular pain, infertility and terminal diseases such as cancer?



It’s a combination of environment alterations produced by all the technologies we use daily: electric wires, electronic devices, wifi, cellphones, satellites, etc…

If you use electronic devices daily

you need NOXTAK solutions

Noxtak created
the first unique
technology in the world

capable of cleaning the environment and protecting you from
EMF pollution while you keep enjoying technology.

Benefits of using Noxtak:

We don't affect your connectivity, we improve it!

We neutralize every type of electromagnetic pollution
(high or low frequency)

We improve the
efficiency/productivity and
duration of your electronic devices

Our technology was validated by more than 5 renowned international labs.

Our technology is patented and internationally awarded. (Silicon Valley - Edison Awards 2020)

Know more about our affordable and easy to use filters

Choose the solution that best
suits your needs

How can we protect you from a reality you can't see?

Protect from Wireless Devices

Protection for Heavy Users

Multiple Protection (5G)

Dirty Power Protection

remove up to


of electromagnetic pollution produced by electronic devices
that surround us daily

Proved and Awarded

Silver Winners in Nanotech

Edison Awards 2020

Gold medal with special renown from the jury

The Sillicon Valley Invention Festival 2019

4 IGEF Awards

(International Asociation of Electrosmog research)

+5 Independent lab Certificates

"I recovered
my health
using NOXTAK"

“I had symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and severe headaches with no known cause. I thought I had Fibromyalgia, however, then I discovered that my symptoms were caused by electromagnetic contamination, I had never heard of that and with NOXTAK I got an answer: Electro-hypersensitivity. With Noxtak technology at home, now I have regained my strength and the pains are gone, I feel good! Wherever I travel, I carry my Spiro Disc and the Spiro Card on my phone. ”

- Woman, 68 years old. Oranjestad, Aruba

Experts behind
your healthcare

Get to know our founders

José Joaquín Machado

He has been a researcher in Electromagnetic Fields since 2000. As an expert in Electrosmog environmental emissions, he has evaluated more than 30 cities in 14 countries. He has 3 approved global invention patents for Electrosmog. He has evaluated more than 1,000 EHS cases. Director of the initiative

Marianella Romero

She is an engineer who suffered from Advanced EHS for more than 10 years. Since then, she has specialized in EHS case assessment and today she has over 100 EMF pollution case studies. She is a promoter of the EHS global census initiative, and is specialized in reviewing products and solutions for Electrosmog.

Dirty Power Protection

Personal, Multiple and Larger Protection

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