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electromagnetic pollution at home


Today, our homes are immersed in polluting electromagnetic fields; But do you know which are the main sources of that contamination? Here we tell you.

In today’s world, absolutely all the spaces in which we live are charged with electromagnetic fields (EMF) that have harmful effects on our natural ecosystem and its species; but, above all, in our short and long-term health. These fields are produced by electronic and electrical appliances and appliances we use on a daily basis, telecommunications and even electrical cables in all the buildings that surround us.

So if you ask if you are protected from them in your home, the answer is NO. The reason is that, normally, your home is full of electrical appliances, cables, electrical extensions and wireless connections that create electromagnetic fields of different strengths that are always present.

Now, as we have mentioned, not all electronic devices in your home have the same potential for electromagnetic contamination. You should bear in mind that some appliances need more electricity for their functions, so they produce electric and magnetic fields of greater amplitude and intensity (more powerful and more polluting).

Do you know all those sources of contamination that we are talking about? Did you know that some of them may be more harmful to your health than others? Did you know that these sources of contamination can also alter your health? To clear all those doubts, in this article we want to tell you more about the 3 main sources of electromagnetic pollution with the greatest impact that may be right where you live.

1. The microwave oven

We have previously discussed this artifact in previous blogs. While it is true that there are many myths about the microwave oven, we must admit that, with all the tests we have done in our years of experience and also based on other scientific studies, this appliance is one of the most polluting at home.

And we are not talking about the effects on food quality or a possible microwave leak, which is where most of the common concerns point; but to the intensity of the electromagnetic fields they produce when operating.

With this in mind, it is recommended to pay special attention to the kitchen as a center of high exposure in the house; because the microwave oven, together with the other appliances located in the kitchen, create a contamination of fields associated with electricity and, therefore, dirty power in the wiring; which, in addition to having a harmful effect on health, also affects the useful life of the appliances.

Now, if you are not a person who frequents the kitchen a lot, you might think that this is not relevant for you; But did you know that the field emitted by the microwave oven during its operation can reach the spaces next to the kitchen? The same goes for the refrigerator, which emits fields that add to the pollution in the room just behind and can disturb the sleep of people who are resting there.

2. The electrical panel

The household electrical panel is basically the housing for all the electrical lines; even a large house can have more than one of these. Wherever the panel is located, it will be a source of electromagnetic contamination from extremely low frequency fields (ELF).

Basically, the electrical panel distributes through the electrical wiring of the home all the power received by the outside; In addition to that, everything that is connected in the house generates an additional electrical charge to the panel and an amperage that creates a stronger magnetic field on the panel itself.

In some parts of the world, the panel is in the kitchen, the laundry room, or living room; but, elsewhere, it is found in the bedroom, and in these cases it can become the cause of sleep disturbances, irritability, lack of concentration, general tiredness or feeling of fatigue. Take into account the location of your electrical panel and see if there are household members living near it.

When we talk about the electrical panel, many people also frequently ask us about electric meters, which in many countries are wireless and connect “intelligently” with the electric company, the so-called smart meters. Definitely, we must answer that these are also a source of electromagnetic contamination. In the future, we will dedicate an exclusive article to a further explanation about this device and the best way to neutralize its polluting emissions.

3. Wi-Fi

The third most polluting source at home is the WI-FI. As surprising as it sounds, the WIFI signal has a frequency very similar to that produced by the microwave oven to heat food. Today’s WiFi has two types of signals: 2.4 GHz (standard) and 5.8 GHz (5G WiFi, which has nothing to do with mobile phone 5G calls – read more in our article about the myths and truths of 5G); and, nowadays, most of the routers (device that produces and distributes the signal throughout the home) spread not only one, but both frequencies simultaneously.

With this in mind, we highlight that the WIFI router not only produces quite significant electromagnetic pollution in the room where it is located; but, since the signal is distributed throughout the home, it also pollutes to a lesser extent the other spaces of the house. The WiFi signal is spreading in the form of electromagnetic impulses 24/7. Sometimes, the router is inside one of the bedrooms and, in that case, it becomes more harmful to its inhabitants, since it alters the rhythm of sleep, the nervous system, the brain frequencies while sleeping, and the variability heart rate.

In many of the homes we have evaluated over our years of experience, we find that more than one of these elements is mixed in the same space or in areas very close to each other. In addition to that, there may be more than one electrical panel, more than one microwave, and more than one WiFi router.

In addition, in relation to WiFi, it is important to note that emissions grow year after year. In urban areas, we find that households receive dozens of WiFi signals from their neighbors and from the municipality itself. Additionally, new devices and household appliances are coming with WiFi: TVs, refrigerators, coffee machines, alarm clocks, among others. This means that, despite having one or two WiFi Routers, we are exposed to many WiFi emitters that add up every day.

Just because of these special cases, people are much more exposed to electromagnetic fields every day and there is a greater chance that one or more inhabitants of the home will be affected with multiple discomforts, negative biological effects and, over time, they could develop EHS (syndrome of electrohypersensitivity).

At Noxtak we have developed solutions to protect our homes 100%, improve the quality of the home environment and neutralize the effects of each of these polluting elements. That’s why we emphasize on filtering these 3 sources of electromagnetic pollution, in addition to filtering the emissions of cell phones of household members. Our SPIRO technology is the only one capable of filtering electromagnetic pollution without blocking the course of the waves. Our purpose is to filter and balance electromagnetic pollution while continuing to impulse the use of technologies and the development of new clean technologies.

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