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For All EMF Consultants, Building Biologists, EMF Researchers, RF Engineers, Tech Experts and Scientists trying to figure out what NOXTAK® is all about

In order to make it easier for you as a researcher, let us answer in advance the most common questions we have received from professionals like you:

Is NOXTAK® technology like a subtle energy device?

No. Our patented technology is a material that exhibits unique properties and behaves as a passive filter for EMFs. It can be wrongly perceived as an energy device when in reality is just a material that consists of films with magnetic properties of NPs (Nanoparticles) that produce a special effect in the spin particle polarization from artificial sources. The interaction of waves with this material results in a natural organization of particle spins.

How does your tech work to protect us from EMFs? Is it emitting a shield?

Our technology is not adding any extra energy to the environment. The EM radiation from artificial sources that interact with the properties of our SPIRO® material is filtered, taking out the disturbed artificial spin polarization of particles, allowing the particles to take a natural spin that is compatible with natural EMFs. This is the way our technology works.

So, the radiation in certain space gets organized as a response to an interaction with the properties related to the material. After this interaction, EM waves keep the natural magnetic ordering on their spins for a very short period of time until it collapses back again. In the process, if our material remains in a specific location of the space, it will build a magnetic momentum of the summatory nanomagnetism occurring in EM waves and it will show an action range several feet longer from the material when the effect is still occurring. That’s the reason why some of our EHS customers feel a sort of protection field within a specific space. 

So if that is so, explain the action range you mentioned in your products?

After several years of research and hundreds of case studies, we came up with an action range that is the response of the material in an open space where SPIRO (Spin Radiation Organizer System) remains present. This range changes and gets reduced or weakened in spaces separated by walls. The higher the density of the wall (type of material), the lesser the effect of SPIRO® reaches contiguous space where the material is not present.

Did you measure objectively that action range? How?

Yes. It is easily measurable in a research lab with a controlled environment. We did it by using different OTA and EMC Tests. But, more importantly we did it in the field (real conditions), where it is quite difficult, as there are several factors to take into account. For that reason, we simultaneously use multiple tools to measure properly, reduce the uncertainty, and confirm the passive filtering effect.

What type of tools do you use in real conditions?

RF software analysis and WiFi spectrum analysis, studying where the changes are shown in the signals propagation blueprint; and objectively with biophotonic environmental scan, using a specific antenna for spaces and a GDV camera.

Are biophotonic environmental scans a scientific method?

Yes. Actually, NOXTAK’s co-founder and inventor of SPIRO®, J. Joaquín Machado, who is an EMF researcher, made a thesis in 2021 at the UNEATLANTICO University (Universidad Europea del Atlántico), named “Dynamic evaluation of environmental energy and 4G LTE / 5G / WIFI / Bluetooth electromagnetic radiation and the effects on the environment with the application of SPIRO® filters” (Evaluación dinámica de la energía medioambiental y la radiación electromagnética 4G LTE / 5G / WIFI / Bluetooth y los efectos en el ambiente con la aplicación de los filtros SPIRO®).

The thesis received a recognition score by the professors due to its scientific rigor, and he proved the effectiveness to test SPIRO® with this technique using a GDV camera. The same conclusion was later observed by the inventor of GDV camera himself, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, who has directly checked the functionality of the SPIRO® material in his lab.  

How do your products make these filtering processes you mentioned?

This happens because of the nanocomposite material SPIRO®, which consists of round films with patented formulation of metal alloys that exhibit a stable ferromagnetic behavior. Any EM waves interacting with the material will suffer a natural polarization in their spins without changing the trajectory of the waves, reducing noise level in the space and reducing RF interference, enhancing the quality of telecommunications as a consequence.

Did you test this reduction of noise and RF interference you mentioned?

Yes. When we install our products in commercial premises and offices, we usually use a RF spectrum analyzer or a WiFi spectrum analysis software to measure noise levels, interferences, and the radio transmitters antenna propagation patterns, allowing us to easily see changes after the implementation of our SPIRO® filters in the space. For instance, in most cases we can see changes in the:

  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Troubleshooting: (High Level of Noise, Low download rate, Low upload rate), Noise Level, Signal-to-noise ratio

According to what you are saying, you are not blocking. So, what changes?

What changes is the fundamental disturbance in EM waves from artificial sources. According to our early research in Electrosmog (or EMF pollution), we came to the conclusion that the findings alerted by scientist such as Dimitris J. Panagopoulos, Olle Johansson, and George L. Carlo on their paper “Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity” are the core of the EMF problem. So, if we are able to change this polarization back to a natural state, we will significantly reduce the risks associated with EM waves of artificial sources. 

Are you a promoter of the use of all technologies without precaution?

No. We truly believe in the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle. But, at the same time, we believe that there is a way to build a new kind of electronics with less EMI and more human-friendly. Actually, our tech is aiming to become part of a new quality standard to manufacture electronics in the near future. 

Do you have independent studies published in scientific journals?

Yes. We have a double-blind clinical study published in the journal of Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering that was performed on 50 subjects by the Saint-Petersburg Scientific- Research Institute for Physical Culture with the collaboration of the North-Western Medical University named after I. Mechnikov. 

The study consisted of measuring HRV (Heart Rate Variability)  balance, Sleep Quality, and Stress Index with a GDV camera. Both the HRV and Bio-Well methods showed the positive dynamics of indicators reflecting the growth of adaptive abilities, reserve possibilities, and vital energy of the organism, the degree of its homeostasis, and the decrease of stress indicators in the experimental group during 30 days of using the NOXTAK technology.

In contrast, in the control group, there was a reliable negative dynamic of these parameters for most participants. 

The experiment was conducted in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in the autumn of 2021 – during the unfavorable seasonal, climatic, and epidemiological period – the period of seasonal immunodeficiency and depression, which increased the significance of the results for the experimental group.

Did you test your products in EHS cases?

Yes. Actually, the foundation of this company started as a scientific research back in 2012 due to the lack of solutions for EHS people, as one of the founders suffered from severe EHS. The research project was launched around basic crowdfunding made around 34 EMF sensitive people in the islands of Aruba and Curacao between 2012 – 2014. 

Did any independent scientist or independent labs monitor the progress of the EHS cases you mentioned?

Yes. First, between 2014 and 2018, Dr. Robert M. Leal Lue, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, followed 144 cases of EHS individuals who were using our SPIRO products, read the article of the longitudinal study here. 

Simultaneously, between 2013 and 2015, the IGEF (Internationalen Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung) conducted HRV tests on 20 cases of EMF sensitivity or EHS, and they verified how their HRV, that was significantly affected by EMFs, changed with time after using our tech (SPIRO® material), gradually achieving a normal and healthy HRV. In some cases, as soon as 3 days, and other severe cases with high exposure, in 27 days. You can read the articles here. 

Do you have any certification on the HRV test you mentioned?

Yes. Actually, after finishing their tests and reports, IGEF certified our products as tools to improve HRV and the healthy activity of the autonomic nervous system. They tested our specimens with EHS subjects in the exact use we claimed in order to measure their functionality according to our descriptions. 

Are you saying that you place the material in any location and is totally protected?

No. Actually, the material has a different response according to the type of radiation it is interacting with. For instance, for Radio Waves, the material requires, at least, one hour the first time it is placed in a space to get maximum response and build the longest action range possible. 

At the same time, for ELF / LF, it is required to be placed directly in the source generating the fields that need to be filtered out. So, in other words, for low-frequency radiation, the material needs to be directly interacting with the source and it will not work properly if it’s distant from the source. In the case of RF waves, after a while, the filtering effect is built in the space even if the material is not placed directly on the transmitters.

So, all the EHS case you claim you have helped, does that mean you treated them?

No. We do not treat EHS people, we guide them according to our experience to look for the type of help they need in order to recover, have a healthy life, and be able to coexist with these modern technologies. 

This entails a change of technology usage habits by following the ALARA principle, getting help from an environmental doctor or a specialist in functional medicine to help them with proper nutrition and detox protocols, suggesting them to check the quality of light on their home (avoiding flickering bulbs and blue light exposure), and verify the power quality and grounding. We also provide them a guide of how to use our tech to get the highest filtering effect. 

Our “treatment” is for the environment and, as a consequence, we improve the conditions for EHS people to get their symptoms relieved and health consequences avoided. The idea is for them to start or keep using technologies without the uncomfortable EHS symptoms and signs.  

What is NOXTAK?

NOXTAK uses nanotechnology and environmental assessments to control the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation from man-made sources through the Spin Radiation Organizer Technology (SPIRO®). Based on a filtering approach, we created this material capable of handling these emissions, producing clean technologies and electropollution-free spaces.

Disturbed Radiation, also called electrosmog, is electromagnetic disturbances and interferences emitted by technologies powered by electricity and wireless telecommunications. It is found in RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), ESD (Electro Static Discharge), PIM (Passive Intermodulation) issues, Dirty power (Noise in power lines from  Harmonics and transients), unexpected network failures, and malfunctioning devices. Recently, science has related this type of pollution to harmful biological and environmental effects.

Our technology is based on the science of nanomagnetism. It can be implemented in all types of electronics and electrical appliances to filter their EMF emissions by changing the radiation propagation pattern and fundamental disturbances created by the artificial polarization of waves. This results in clean emissions, which are harmless for biological systems, the environment, and technology itself. 

Our technology has extensive applications and can be deployed in larger, more complex environments and industrial facilities. The SPIRO filtering approach aims to produce reliable and green connectivity for the future of all technologies, raising the green tech standard to be human-friendly, meaning that they are free of harmful effects.

What’s Happening in the Tech Industry?

First of all, let’s take a look at the problem nowadays: The so-called fourth industrial revolution is the materialization of hyper-connectivity, being IoT and 5G the platforms to build a new era of wireless technologies that are fully integrated into all industries. 

This change is happening now and implies the massive growth of electropollution like never before, with human and environmental consequences in the long term and posing the risk of sabotaging the proper functioning of these new smart technologies to be implemented with unwanted EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). 

New smart systems in residential, commercial, and urban areas are highly vulnerable to crashes for different reasons, sometimes “unexplainable” for IT analysts. These electromagnetic disturbances present in power lines, which are also propagating through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves, are part of those reasons. 

During the last three decades, the challenge has been to ensure properly-working networks in fully populated areas. Now, the industry is entering in a new phase of wireless hyper-connections, and it is crucial to control electropollution emissions to avoid unexpected network failures. The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Principle in the electronics industry needs to be promoted like never before. However, a gap needs to be filled to have clean and healthy environments. From the perspective of the architecture of new technologies and safety standards.

As never before, being healthy is a luxury and even a challenge, as we are exposed to several aggressors to our health. There are a bunch of factors, toxins, bad habits, poor nutrition, and genetics, most of the diseases we are experiencing are being “made” or developed through the years due to different sources and factors. 

Artificial EMFs are one of those factors, and it’s an environmental toxin that is being spread everywhere, so we can’t escape from this exposure. All the attempts to escape this are futile, and if someone tries to shield their body from these radiation, it’s usually difficult and unrealistec, as it’s never possible to achieve a full protection with a shielding approach effectively; and there’s enough evidence that indicates there are side effects when an individuals tries to isolate from EMFs, as their body is an electrical system that needs the interaction with natural EMFs present in the environment. The shielding approach inhibits that necessary interaction. 

You can change your tech habits and reduce the exposure by following several practical tips, however, you are still going to be exposed to EMFs. So, what are the options?

The option is to adopt a different approach: instead of avoiding these EMFs, we can filter them and take out the disturbances caused by the artificial spin polarization, which is the main cause behind the harmful effects of Electrosmog. Under a Filtering Approach, we used nanomagnetics to produce clean technologies and electrosmog-free environments to fill this gap.

What’s happening in our Health?

We truly believe the future of technology is wireless but clean. Otherwise, the systems will likely tend to crash, and, most importantly, pollution will keep growing, becoming more harmful than ever for human health and contributing to the potential extinction of several species, like bees, which would make it impossible to sustain life in the long term. You can wear a bee with anti-radiation cloths or even if you make the honeycombs faraday cages they will be in danger and exposed. But, we can treat their spaces and protect the hives by filtering the artificial polarization in EM waves. 

We need to work together to ensure a transition to cleaner technologies as soon as possible. For that reason, NOXTAK is open to licensing our patented technology to manufacturers. We want to be an active part of the change, and we are also willing to be consultants for the architecture of new electro-clean technologies. 


“For over 150 years, we have been using electrical technologies. The first studies about health effects and electrical pollution came from the early 70s, and it’s just in the last decade that the scientific community started gathering enough information and scientific data to understand the consequences of what these technologies can cause in the long term. 

The important levels of electropollution remained in industrial facilities until the 90s, when we, as a society, started the massive adoption of cell phones. In the next decade (the 2000s), the levels kept growing with the massive adoption of the internet and the use of WiFi, which gradually brought electropollution into our homes and offices. So, we have to keep in mind that we are still in the early years of high exposure, and it’s now when we can still act and avoid the worst consequences. 

The future of technology is also demanding this upgrade in quality standards for the successful arrival of 6G and 7G in the next two decades.” 

J. Joaquín Machado. 

CEO / Co-Founder of NOXTAK

Our History

NOXTAK was founded as a scientific project on the island of Aruba in 2012 by J. Joaquín Machado (EMF Researcher) and Marianella Romero (engineer and specialist in EHS cases), in cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of health, telecommunications, and environment. This company was impulsed by an initiative that started by investigating environmental emissions and their progressive increase in the different scenarios and contexts of daily life and industries, near-field emissions, and far-field emissions, also known as background levels of radiation. 

Mrs. Romero suffered from Electrohypersensitivity for years, not feeling any relief using the products on the market. After years of research and meeting other individuals who suffered the same, she and Mr. Machado decided to begin the scientific project in Aruba. Machado conducted the development of the new technology as Romero collaborated with her knowledge from her scientific studies, and together, they were able to develop SPIRO® (Spin Radiation Organizer Technology), the first non-blocking solution (science-based) for Electromagnetic Radiation.

Nowadays, It’s becoming more common to hear cases of people suffering from sleep disorders, fatigue, headaches, short-term memory loss, nervousness, depression, and anxiety without a known cause. According to reports by several institutions and organizations studying this topic worldwide, there is a link between the growth of those cases and the massive use of modern technologies. 

NOXTAK studied these related symptoms and the level of electromagnetic emissions from artificial sources in the entire island of Aruba for 7 years (2013-2020), and we confirmed the existence of 29 common signs and symptoms found in people with a high reaction to exposure. In more than 90 square miles evaluated, our assessments concluded that the level of exposure increased by 453% during that period. The 50 cases studied and the +1,000 people registered with electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms confirmed an increase in their symptoms with the growth of their exposure to modern technologies. 

Additionally, the cases studied showed how the symptoms disappeared after controlling the electropollution levels with our Spin Radiation Organizer Technology. This confirmed the medical hypothesis experts have studied for decades now: EHS (Electrohypersensitivity) is not an illness, it is a sensitive reaction to polluted environments

Science has confirmed that individuals without sensitive reactions to this type of radiation -who constitute the majority of the world population- still experience an alteration in the cellular electrical potential, an increased response of oxidative stress that leads to high production of free radicals and inflammation, heart rate variability and sleep quality alterations, among others. Through case studies and independent tests, NOXTAK confirmed that these altered health markers are effectively corrected with the proper use of the Spin Radiation Organizer Technology.

NOXTAK is a pioneer in a new ecological standard of sustainable development for all habitats, constructions, and cities. The company incorporates its solutions in spaces, technological systems, and devices, improving the functionality of electronics and eliminating any threats to human health and the environment.

The advantage of Spin Radiation Organizer Technology (SPIRO®) is that it is capable of controlling 100% of all types and levels of electropollution without the need to eliminate or reduce the use of electronics or block the signals. NOXTAK, conducting monitoring assessments, working on case studies, and conducting analysis at telecom labs, has confirmed how the Anti-Radiation approach, using carpets, clothes, tents, paints, and other shielding materials, is not effective or sustainable in the long term, as it comes with side effects for the users and is not realistic to ask people to quit technologies. NOXTAK promotes coexistence with this radiation by filtering harmful emissions, allowing the use of all technologies while guaranteeing an electro-pollution-free environment.

For a decade he has helped people with EHS protect their environment and get their lives back.
Evaluating the levels of background radiation in countries such as the United States, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Costa Rica...
Evaluations and control of CEM emissions in residential and commercial spaces under the EHE program

NOXTAK's Timeline

NOXTAK Project Foundation.
NOXTAK was born as an environmental research and nanotechnology company.
Started the Pilot Project for EMF Environmental Monitoring in Aruba for seven years (2013 - 2020).
Finished First Specimens of SPIRO material and sent them to a third party (IGEF) for studies.
Began EHS case studies in Aruba and Curacao.
NOXTAK® is registered as a company in the United States.
NOXTAK® and SPIRO® brands were registered in the USA and worldwide. USA and worldwide.
Presented the final formulation of the SPIRO® Material.
Began technical studies with independent TELECOM laboratories.
Presentation at MIAGREEN 2016 with preliminary environmental results.
Presented the SPIRO® nanotechnology patents to the USPTO and WIPO.
Exhibition at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Introduction of our tech findings).
Exhibition at the Public-Private Partnership P3A Conference in Aruba.
Presentation of 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals and Electrosmog.
Exhibition and Special Workshop at the Ecological Congress in Costa Rica.
Presentation of Green Architecture and Smart Buildings Electrosmog Challenges.
Exhibition and Presentation at the Smart City Event 2016 in Amsterdam, Holland.
Opened study on the future of Smart Cities and Electrosmog.
Presented EMF Pilot Project to the local government of Doral, Florida.
Exhibit at the Aruba Green Conference on preliminary findings on the Island.
Filed GEMS sensor patents with the USPTO.
Started the EHS Census of 29 Common Symptoms.
First Assessment Cut (2013 - 2017) of the Aruba EMF Exposure Pilot.
Participated in the Mobile World Congress of the Americas.
Developed the first formulation of SPIRO® for upcoming 5G deployments.
Started studies on EMF emissions generated by VR / AR systems.
Presentation at ChangeXchange 2018, Las Vegas.
Educational Tour across Latam (Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica).
Exhibit in the Resilient Technologies Pavilion at CES2019, Las Vegas.
NOXTAK® is named one of the emerging disruptive techs in the 2019 CTA Sustainability Report.
Won Gold Medal in Environmental Protection at SVIIF2019, Silicon Valley.
Won the International Prize of the House of Geneva, Silicon Valley.
Exhibit at the EMFC2019, California.
Won Silver in Materials Science, Nanotech at the Edison Awards 2020.
End of Aruba EMF Monitoring Pilot Project (2013-2020) - Report Emitted.
tinnitus emf
Initial studies on Tinnitus and EMF.
Initial Case Studies on Tinnitus / EMF, and SPIRO®.
Won Gold Medal at the 2021 German Innovation Awards.
Performed studies on Water structuration and Food Preservation with SPIRO®.
Performed studies on EPI Environmental scanners using SPIRO®.
Performed studies on Human EPI Stress Analysis - Cellphones - SPIRO®.
A major breakthrough for all technologies

In the consumer electronics industry, and especially in the mobile phones industry, no significant innovation has been introduced in the last decade. The improvements we have seen in the past few years on important events such as the Mobile World Congress have been purely cosmetic (better cameras, bigger screens, different colors and shapes, higher resolutions). We have reached a status quo point in mobile device manufacturing. The market is flooded with similar products, with not-so-impressive improvements every year. But what happens when the market doesn’t know what the real challenge in tech is and where the next great breakthrough resides?

Like never before, public opinion is concerned, and the fear around 5G goes beyond conspiracy theories. Scientists and legislators around the world agree that there is enough scientific evidence to the existence of reasonable doubt about health issues in the long term with the new generation of telecommunications. In NOXTAK, we know that 5G is not a problem that we can not solve and, actually, that way is not where the attention needs to go. 

The electromagnetic problem is much more than just 5G and must be treated under a new paradigm of how we understand the problem. It is not about intensity or frequency, even when both elements are important to take into account, the root of the problem is in the POLARIZATION. The modulation of waves for telecommunications or the polarized fields emanating from alternating current produces a fundamental polarization in the SOI (Spin-Orbit Interaction) of the particles, this fundamental polarization of the spins produces the harmful biological effects that have been observed in the literature; and, as a result, at NOXTAK we believed that was the key we should pay attention to. This is how the technology of the SPIRO® material (Spin Radiation Organizer Technology) was born.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and now we’re understanding how vulnerable electronics can be in the future of IoT and Smart Cities. We are getting to a point where electropollution, this underrated environmental factor, threatens even technological progress. As a result, rather than view the SPIRO® filtering approach as passive products – whether they are external or embedded – our engineers treat them as integral solutions in the creation of green IoT applications and the creation of green smart environments.

Now more than ever, we need to understand that the fourth industrial revolution of hyper-connectivity requires “Electrosmog Free” environments to thrive; otherwise, the systems will likely tend to crash and probably will experience a public health crisis sooner or later from the electrosmog exposure. 

We officially invite manufacturers to look in this direction. Let’s innovate beyond cosmetic improvements and produce a new type of green and human-friendly technology. We can significantly improve electronics design and functionality by making them Electrosmog Free, and the Spin Radiation Organizer Technology SPIRO® can be embedded into any electronic device.

For that reason, NOXTAK is open to cooperating with manufacturers, institutions, and governments to help ensure an easy path and a proper upgrade of all technologies. Now green or recyclable is not enough, the day has come for Human-Friendly Technologies. 

Awards & Recognition

As a scientific contribution, SPIRO® has been patented, approved, and recognized in the United States, as well as in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, among others. SPIRO® works with more than 250 products, has applications for over 12 industries, and has been verified and certified by over 5 independent laboratories. 

In 2019, the CTA Sustainability Report named NOXTAK as one of the 2019 Emerging Disruptive Technologies. In the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival in 2019, we received the Gold Medal and the Prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. SPIRO® was also recognized at the Edison Awards in 2020, obtaining Silver in Materials Science and Nanotechnology; and won Excellence in Business to Consumer at the German Innovation Awards 2021.