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Cellphones don’t only emit radiation while functioning, but they also need radiation to work. While typically working, your cellphone emits luminous radiation due to the screen, low-frequency fields generated by the battery and electronic components, and radiofrequency fields to connect to an internet network or make calls. The only way your cellphone is not generating any radiation is when completely turned off.

Believe it or not, if you switch it to airplane mode, the device is still emitting radiation due to its mere function. When using this mode, you’ll also have to make sure that you manually turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi functions, as many of the latest generation cell phones don’t automatically deactivate those when switching to airplane mode. This was newly implemented because many current airplanes have free WiFi networks that the passengers can use with slightly no limitations.

“And how’s that my cellphone needs radiation to work?” you might be wondering. As we previously mentioned, cellphones need radio frequency to fulfill their purpose of communicating with other cellphones and connecting to networks. It’s widely known that telecommunications are one of the main EMF sources spreading invisible pollution over the air, and guess what your phone is meant to connect to? Right.

But this also means that an EMF blocking approach could affect the device’s functioning, as it will limit or interrupt communications. The blocking or anti-radiation approach also affects the device at a non-communicational level. The shielding could cause the device to work forced, produce a significant overheating in the battery and other components, and shorten its lifespan.

For you, the user, this means that, as the phone is working harder to connect and function, it’s emitting higher amounts of radiation that are impacting you, the people around you, and the communications of other nearby devices.

So yes, your phone is emitting radiation all day, all the time; but it’s inherently associated with its proper function. The solution we suggest is a non-blocking technology, such as SPIRO, that instead of blocking the radiation the device needs, filters the inbalances in the artificially polarized EMFs and favors both the cellphone functioning, your health, and the environment.

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