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EMF Fact-Checker: The Biggest Risk of Electropollution Exposure in our Health

In our expert opinion, there’s no such thing as “the biggest risk” when we talk about electrosmog in human health. All bodies respond similarly in terms of oxidative stress from EMF, however, the different lifestyles, types of genes, age, nutrition, and previous illnesses are key to how and when the first signs and symptoms are going to be visible to the average person. Most of the time this happens asymptomatically, and in the long term one person’s exposure could lead to cancer, but in others could be a neurological disorder, and a different group could develop tinnitus.   

But we can say electrosmog exposure has a major effect, a common denominator that triggers several reactions in our bodies and accelerates the apparition of discomfort: it alters the electrical functioning of our cells.

How does that happen?

Our cells work with an electric potential that allows them to exchange charges. This potential also precedes all chemical exchanges in our bodies, it is the electrical impulse that powers our smallest yet most important bodily functions

That electrical impulse is regulated by something named voltage-gated ion channels, and these transmembrane proteins are overstimulated by electrosmog, which is made of anomalous charges that alter them and activate them unnecessarily.

What are the consequences?

Ion channels are not supposed to be activated out of the natural rhythm of the cellular process, and by altering that process, electrosmog exposure is producing an oxidative stress response, which results in higher production of free radicals, thus more inflammation.

Oxidative stress comes from metabolic or environmental sources, and we already know electrosmog is an environmental toxin.

It’s important to note that inflammation is associated with over 75 health conditions, that is to say, the origin of multiple health problems is derived from a higher production of free radicals, oxidative stress, and inflammation. From that single reaction, there are massive ramifications of symptoms that could lead to different major health problems, and that originated in that apparently small electrical alteration at the cellular level.

Who’s more affected by this?

Some people are more vulnerable and this alteration happens faster, others see the effects in the long term. For example, in most young people, oxidative stress is decompensated by a capacity for adaptation and their stronger antioxidants system. But this does not happen in older people, who are receiving a stronger impact because of the deterioration in their antioxidants system. 

But electrosmog is producing in all of us Oxidative Stress, that’s undeniable and will be noticeable at some point. This is the main impact it has on our health and we can directly identify it in our cells.

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