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Silicon valley invention festival

Today we commemorate our participation in this festival and a victory that has meant a lot to Noxtak.

Exactly a year ago, Noxtak participated in the 2019 Silicon Valley Invention Festival, held at the Santa Clara City Convention Center, the Silicon Valley headquarters. This event was sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO in English is known by the initials of WIPO) in conjunction with the Palexpo, a Swiss Organization that works with world patents on inventions, and the Geneva House, considered as the cradle of inventions.

“The Silicon Valley International Invention Festival benefits from the most extensive support and privileges that can be granted to an exhibition. It is under the patronage of the City of Santa Clara, the International Federation of Inventors Associations – IFIA, the Geneva Invention Exhibition, the Palexpo and of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO.
The Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) is created to publicize state-of-the- art inventions around the world and provide a unique opportunity for inventors to not only commercialize their inventions but also cultivate the American market at the heart of the inventions in the Silicon Valley.”

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

Today we are still pleased with the experience of participating at an event of similar magnitude, considering that the Geneva House is an organization with antiquity, prestige and tradition in the world of inventions. It is important to highlight that Geneva is the cradle of great inventions and patents like Rolex and others.

At this festival, Noxtak participated in the Environmental Protection category, where we presented our patented technology. Noxtak technology has a WIPO-approved patent worldwide, originally registered with the United States Patent Office. In the case of this festival, one of the main requirements for participation is that, more than a proposal, it’s necessary to present a patented idea.

In this competition were more than 100 inventions and over two dozen countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, various countries in Europe, Switzerland, and different inventors and companies from different parts of the world. Noxtak participated as a United States company based in Miami.

Noxtak won the gold medal in the category of inventions for Environmental Protection with a solution for environmental pollution and a solution for 5G. We were evaluated by the President of the Jury, John Calvert, Former Senior Advisor of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We were evaluated based on our presentation, our use cases, studies and scientific evidence.

In addition to the gold medal in the category of environmental protection, we received an special recognition from the jury and we also received the Geneva International Invention Award.