Since the creation of the SPIRO material, we have been dedicated to formulate special solutions to meet specific needs. Today we tell you more about the SPIRO DISC L4.

SPIRO technology has been developed and optimized through numerous experimental case studies. In a first phase of studies at a residential level, we developed the SPIRO L2 and L3 solutions; then, as the case studies scaled to commercial, semi-industrial, and industrial areas, the NOXTAK team encountered greater challenges in handling variations of higher power density (mW / cm2). Faced with such challenges, in a phase 2, our team had to prepare a more far-reaching formulation in order to manage these exposure levels. This is how the SPIRO DISC L4 was born.

Our L4 disc emerged as the first powerful solution that is capable of filtering low frequency and high frequency emission levels at the same time. Then, in 2016, the formulation of this product was optimized and today it is the most important and demanded for NOXTAK.

The reason for its high demand is that there was an increase in radiation, even in residential areas, as a consequence of the spread of wireless connectivity, the new generations of telecommunications, the modernization of smart appliances, among others. For this reason, today most homes require higher power to control these emissions that, previously, were only in industrial areas.

An effective solution for different problems

The SPIRO DISC L4 is characterized by being able to handle multiple office equipment and household appliances. It can be used as a joint solution for home electrical panels, smart meters, and long-range Wi-Fi routers.

This solution is an effective protection for workstations, home offices, and other more powerful sources of electromagnetic fields, such as power rooms and data centers. This product has a 23 foot radius of action and can protect from emissions of up to 15 devices at a time without affecting the performance of the devices or the quality of connectivity.

Based on the evidence gathered in numerous case studies, this product has also proven to be an effective solution for:

  • Control sleep disturbances caused by EMF pollution.
  • Manage multiple radiation in a room with different electronic devices (Smart TV, video game console, computer, etc.).
  • To protect IT staff from emissions from the equipment they frequently use.
  • Control the emissions of the different household appliances in the kitchen, focusing especially on the microwave oven.
  • Optimize electricity consumption.

The IGEF investigation

After dozens of studies carried out directly by our team and close collaborators, we turned to independent laboratories to expand technical and biological studies on this product. It was here when the IGEF (Internationalen Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung – International Society for Electrosmog Research) intervened, who verified its effectiveness in 10 different circumstances.

This research focused on the protective effect of SPIRO L4 against electromagnetic radiation caused by mobile phone, Wi-Fi or WLAN transmitters, mobile phones, smart phones, radio and television transmitters, and other wireless communication devices.

The aim was to prove that, faced with disorders caused by high electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog, the use of the SPIRO L4 should lead to a verifiable improvement in the heart rate variability, promote circulation and reduce the work of the vegetative nervous system to maintain internal balance. Based on that premise, heart rate variability measurement was selected to assess whether the SPIRO L4’s energy information field led to an improvement in test subjects and whether it was able to contribute to an increase in adaptive capacity of an individual’s biological system.

For this investigation, the product was tested by 10 subjects of both sexes who were exposed to a modern and habitual level of electromagnetic radiation. The ages of individuals range from 10 to 76 years, and all are people who, in their own opinion, react sensitively to electrosmog. Measurements of the heart rate variability were taken in these people’s apartments or workplaces before and after spending several days using the SPIRO L4.

Research results: certified protection

The variability of the 10 test subjects, aged between 10 and 75 years, revealed the following results:

  • In 5 of the 10 test subjects, the use of the SPIRO L4 clearly improved the ability to regulate heart rate variability and adjust the vegetative nervous system to various levels of exposure.
  • In 4 of the 10 test subjects, the use of the SPIRO L4 significantly improved ability to regulate heart rate variability and adjust the vegetative nervous system to various levels of exposure. The results of this measurement were mainly confirmed by descriptions of the subjective perception of the subjects about the reactions of their bodies to the bioenergetic information field of the SPIRO L4.
  • In 1 of the 10 test subjects, the use of the SPIRO L4 was ineffective in terms of regulating heart rate variability. In the case of this individual, the regular use of medication to lower blood pressure may have had a blocking effect.

Based on these results, the biophysical research carried out by the IGEF research and testing laboratory confirmed that the use of the SPIRO DISC L4 against disorders caused by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation leads to a verifiable improvement in the heart rate variability.

In other words, the use of the product has a beneficial effect on the heart, since the circulatory system processes and reduces the work that the vegetative nervous system requires to maintain internal balance. The measurement results further demonstrated that the positive effect of SPIRO DISC L4 increases with duration of use.

In this way, this solution was certified as a highly effective measure to protect the human body from the effects of electromagnetic contamination.

Since then, our team has continued to work on the ideal formulations for specific situations, and today we have arrived at an industrial power solution: the SPIRO L5, a product intended for high exposure areas, which we will delve into in our next article.

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