As electromagnetic radiation emissions increase, we continue to work on creating more powerful solutions to neutralize its harmful effects. Today, we have achieved a reinforced formula of the SPIRO DISC L5, which we call L5 Pro: the most powerful we have so far. We tell you more about it.

In today’s world, with the arrival of the 4G LTE Pro, the gradual implementation of the powerful 5G, the increasing demand for smart appliances with wireless connectivity, and the massification of WI-FI, the emissions of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been getting stronger.

Faced with this problem, we scaled our SPIRO solution to handle those more powerful emission levels. This is the origin of our SPIRO L5 Pro disc, a renewed formula with a greater capacity than the original SPIRO L5, an outstanding product that, for the last few years, has been applied to areas of very high electromagnetic exposure that, in the past, had been classified as industrial zones.

This disc not only has industrial applications, but has also been required in commercial and residential areas, because it’s the best solution to manage the radiation variations that have been increased today by all these inherent aspects in the evolution of technologies and connectivity methods.

The differentiating elements of the SPIRO DISC L5

The SPIRO L5 disc is a solution 5 times more powerful than its predecessor, the L4 disc. It has a total of 95 SPIRO films and a SPIRO power 30. For its creation, our research and development team has worked on specialized measurements of the 4G LTE Pro and 5G emissions, and they determined a reinforced final formulation of 114 films for this disc, now listed as SPIRO L5 Pro; which achieves a SPIRO power 38, that is 600% more powerful than the L4 disc. This is a specialized formulation to handle emissions from IoT hyperconnectivity and 5G.

Undoubtedly, the most remarkable thing about the SPIRO DISC L5 is that the natural magnetic order of its nanoscale formulation is strong enough to promote health. It has proven to be capable of promoting an optimal communication between cells, inducing chains of healthy responses in the body, and a significant improvement in cardiac, brain, and nervous functioning. So it’s not only a solution applied to filter semi-industrial emissions, but it’s also an ally that promotes healthy responses in the body.

A look at the IGEF certification on the original L5 disc

To certify this solution, just as with the SPIRO L4, the IGEF (Internationalen Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung – International Society for Electrosmog Research) carried out a series of tests. Again, 10 subjects of both sexes were selected, they had different ages, were exposed at a habitual level of electromagnetic radiation, and they also claimed to react sensitively to the electrosmog.

The research focused on the protective effect of the SPIRO L5 disc against electromagnetic radiation and, as with the L4 disc, the measurement of heart rate variability was selected to assess whether the disc field leads to an improvement in test subjects and if it was able to contribute to an increase in the adaptive capacity of an individual’s biological system.

This evaluation is effective in determining when the body is in a state of electromagnetic stress, due to its ability to present the heart variability rate, that is inhibited and minimized.

This study yielded promising results on the use of SPIRO L5, which we know now with our reinforced formula, L5 Pro, resulting in a highly beneficial product for all living organisms. Let’s see the highlights of this study: In 3 of the 10 subjects, the use of the SPIRO L5 clearly improved the ability to regulate heart rate and adjust the vegetative nervous system to various exposures a 30% more. Likewise, in 6 of the 10 individuals, these aspects also improved significantly up to more than 50%, even in cases up to 82% in just 18 days. Lastly, only one test subject had ineffective results due to the use of a pacemaker.

Case studies: 5 subjects with notable improvements

Of the 10 cases studied by the IGEF, we want to highlight 5 with outstanding results among the entire group. These subjects determined a clear or significant reduction in chronic stress caused by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation:

1. A woman with exposure to very high-frequency radiation due to multiple DECT cordless phones in the office of an automobile agent. She put a SPIRO L5 on her desk at her workplace.

With this test subject, the use of the SPIRO L5 during the 23-day test phase led to an improvement in heart rate variability from 9.18% to 44.76%.

2. A woman with high-frequency radiation exposure in the apartment due to the constant pulse of a DECT cordless telephone. The bedroom is located near a transformer station. In this case, the SPIRO L5 was placed in the room during the day, and under the bed at night.

This person used the L5 disc during a 27-day trial phase and presented led to an improvement in heart rate variability from 57.92% to 85.17%.

3. A man with high-frequency radiation exposure in his apartment and the workplace due to airport radar and his mobile phone. A SPIRO L5 was placed in the bedroom, very close to the bed, and another was placed in the workplace, close to his desk.

This subject used the L5 disc during the 17-day trial phase and demonstrated an improvement in heart rate variability from 29.38% to 52.32%.

4. A man with high-frequency radiation exposure in his apartment from a mobile phone, a mobile transmitter approximately 150 meters away, and low-frequency electrosmog from an underground power cable in front of the building. The SPIRO L5 was placed on a table in the center of his department.

In this case, the SPIRO L5 was used during a 20-day trial phase and there was an improvement in heart rate variability from 38.71% to 59.21%.

5. A woman with extreme exposure in her apartment due to a mobile phone transmitter and low-frequency electrosmog due to old non-earthed power lines. She put on a SPIRO L5 in her living room.

This individual used the SPIRO L5 during the 18-day trial phase. This led to an improvement in her heart rate variability from 51.08% to 82.49%.

With all these results, the IGEF again certified one of our solutions not only as a highly effective measure to protect the human body from the harmful effects of electrosmog, but also to stimulate the proper functioning of the body.

Today, our team continues to work on creating increasingly effective formulations that match the levels of electromagnetic contamination that we face every day and allow us to continue promoting the use of technologies in a healthier way. The SPIRO L5 Pro is the most powerful of the products we offer today, and an effective solution to ensure that your home or office is free from the health effects of multiple high-frequency emissions, including 5G. We are convinced that we will have much more to show in the future as new technologies continue to be implemented.

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