EHS cases Aruba


For years, we have studied the effects of our SPIRO technology to counteract the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity. Here we tell you more about what we have found.

Since 2014, we have been conducting extensive EHS research in Aruba. Our investigations have continued to be enriched by the experience of multiple allies from other areas of knowledge and various independent cases that have emerged over time.

At Noxtak we have evaluated different cases based on the questionnaire with the 29 common symptoms associated with EHS, a material we created based on testimonies from multiple organizations in Europe, such as the Dutch Federation of Electrohypersensitivity and other scientific documents on the subject, such as those written by Prof. Olle Johansson from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Below, we will detail 5 specific cases of EHS in Aruba in which our SPIRO technology was a key in helping the symptoms disappear.

CASE # 1: The electrical panel in the bedroom

An electrosensitive woman of more than 70 years living in the Savaneta sector. The woman suffered from Tinnitus, sleep problems, general tiredness, and pain.

From the study of her home, we found that the main source of contamination was the main household electrical panel, which was located inside the bedroom (this is very common on the island of Aruba, where many households have electrical panels in the main room). Additionally, the home had a high rate of dirty electricity and standard exposure to mobile phone waves.

Solution: In this case, a double correction was applied with 100% emission control efficiency: a SPIRO CARD L2 filter for the mobile phone, and a SPIRO CARD L4 for the electrical panel.

CASE # 2: A high concentration of electronic devices

A family home located in the San Nicolás sector: A 62-year-old electro-sensitive woman presenting moderate tinnitus, headache without a known cause, general tiredness and sleep problems. In the annex house, a 30-year-old man, a 25-year-old woman, and a 1-year-old baby. The baby had allergies and the young couple had sleep problems.

We found general dirty electricity issues around the house, there also was a cordless phone with multiple bases and multiple earphones with 6.2 GHz transmission, plus an electrical panel in the main bedroom. In the annex house, right in the baby and couple’s room, there was a high concentration of electronic equipment and a video game console near the baby’s crib.

Solution: With 100% contamination control efficiency, multiple SPIRO CARD L2 and SPIRO CARD L3 were applied here. Changes in electrical connections, extensions, and types of light bulbs in the home were also suggested.

CASE # 3: Dirty electricity and alternating fields

A 73-year-old woman living alone in the Eagle area. She suffered from headaches, general fatigue, and tingling in the limbs. The origin of these conditions was due to contamination from dirty electricity and alternative fields from the electrical panel near the main bedroom.

Solution: The solution applied with 100% control efficiency was a SPIRO DISC L4 in the Electric Panel, a dirty electricity filter STROOM MASTER in the main bedroom, a SPIRO CARD L3 in the kitchen, and a SPIRO CARD L2 for the mobile phone.

CASE # 4: A severe exposure zone

A 61-year-old man with a medium level hypersensitivity who lives alone in a family home in the Cumaná area.

This individual is one of the most pronounced cases of electromagnetic exposure due to various factors in the vicinity of the house: power lines, mobile phone radio lines, proximity to the airport, among others. This led us to classify his case as a very severe exposure zone of the three sources of contamination from nearby fields, both by electronics and household appliances and by extremely high dirty electricity and a highly significant microwave signals.

Solution: In this case, the corrective measures necessary to control 100% of the contamination in that house involved drastic measures to change irregular electrical connections, adequate holding, change of energy-saving light bulbs, installation of 5 dirty electricity filters STROOM MASTER, and 3 SPIRO L5+ (today is known as SPIRO DISC 5G).

CASE #5: The most severe case of advanced electrohypersensitivity

A 75-year-old woman living alone in a family home in the Seroe Blanco area. This is, so far, the most severe case of advanced electro-hypersensitivity that NOXTAK has studied on the island of Aruba. This person had 25 of the 29 common symptoms with frequent or permanent manifestation.

In the study, we were able to verify that her residential area contained a high level of contamination from high frequencies of microwave signals with peak power densities 10 times higher than other areas of high contamination on the island.

Solution: For 100% control of electromagnetic contamination, the lighting system was replaced, inadequate or defective electrical connections were removed, and 4 SPIRO L4 discs and 3 SPIRO L5 discs were installed.

Follow-up: In this specific case, household measurements were followed every 12 months from the first implementation in 2014. For 3 years, no update was required; but by 2017, certain areas of the home required an extra update, and 4 Stetzerizer filters were implemented in areas far from the bedroom since the woman also presented sensitivity to the fields associated with these electronic filters.

In the 2018 measurement, we found an increase in outdoor pollution due to an industrial facility that was built in front of the woman’s house. This required the placement of 2 SPIRO L5+ discs.

Then, in the 2019 measurement, we found that Stetzerizer filters were no longer able to filter the dirty electricity, so they were replaced by STROOM MASTER filters. On this occasion, these filters were added to the bedroom, since they do not cause any disturbance for the electrohypersensitive people. Finally, in March 2020, the SPIRO L5 solutions were updated with the new SPIRO 5G.

The nocebo effect

Of the numerous cases we have detected during our studies, there were 8 specific cases that, according to the symptoms manifested in the questionnaire, indicated having a level of severe electrohypersensitivity, the highest possible of the 6 established levels. 3 of these 8 cases showed continuous adverse reactions during 2 weeks when faced with contaminating devices, such as a WIFI router, cell phones of close people, or even proximity to mobile phone antennas. These individuals had a nocebo effect just by seeing or knowing that they were close to these technologies because they knew that these things were harmful to their health.

On more than one occasion, we visited these subjects and, with measuring devices, we demonstrated that they were not exposed to harmful fields at the time. Only after these technical demonstrations, these people began to stop associating negatively all electromagnetic sources.

These specific cases were very useful in our investigation since they showed us that some of the individuals who present symptoms associated with electromagnetism can develop a paranoia with the simple presence of electronic devices. Unfortunately, these cases have also led doctors to the erroneous conclusion that all EHS cases are mental.

In our experience, we have shown that most cases of EHS are individuals who do not believe or know that electromagnetic radiation can produce some type of harmful effect on their health or a temporary negative biological effect. Additionally, we know that there is not much preparation on the characteristics of electrohypersensitivity in health professionals, which causes people to be treated the wrong way and feel affected by other diseases that they do not have.

Without a doubt, SPIRO has proven to be an effective solution to combat EHS symptoms. Our technology is the only solution to filter electromagnetic waves without blocking their path. We have been certified by different independent laboratories and, also, our technology has been awarded multiple times. We continue to defend the position that electromagnetic pollution can be filtered and balanced while continuing to use technologies.

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