BEEM: A pioneering standard for electronics, making real the vision of Clean Technologies

BEEM: A pioneering standard for electronics, making real the vision of Clean Technologies

One of the biggest challenges we have ahead is creating a new standard that all tech manufacturers follow, a clean technology vision that is eco-friendly, human friendly, and helps achieve Electrosmog Free Environments. The BEEM project is precisely created with that purpose. Our CEO, Joaquín Machado, talks about this new project in partnership with NOXTAK.


We are irremediably attached to technologies. We use several devices at home, our offices, even on the go, and every day more and more of those devices are connected to a WiFi or a Telecom network, even kitchen appliances. This is our daily life, but we are continuously being harmed by the emissions generated by those devices without notice.

NOXTAK was born to create solutions to this growing electrosmog problem. The SPIRO technology, our scientifically proven and certified electrosmog-filtering solution, was the product of years of investigation and trials. We are using it as a pillar component to create more targeted solutions, such as electro-clean/electro-healthy technologies. That’s the purpose of BEEM Electronics, an eco-friendly brand that, by using SPIRO, intends to provide electrosmog-free electronics and telecommunications equipment. This brand will soon be on Kickstarter.

Before officially launching this project, we want you to get to know BEEM—our newest project, in the words of its founder, José Joaquín Machado.

What’s BEEM?

BEEM is a partner of NOXTAK. It’s a technology manufacturer that uses the SPIRO license to develop its own electronic devices, making them electromagnetically clean. BEEM’s purpose is to create new technologies that eventually become a benchmark in efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and electrosmog-free emissions.

The name BEEM is a compound of BEAM and BEE. Bees are an endangered species, and one of the causes of their extinction is electromagnetic pollution, so bees were one of the main inspirations to create this brand. In short, BEEM is a brand built to protect us, our environment, bees, and many other endangered species.

What’s does BEEM do?

BEEM recollects all the understanding in electronics from the last decades and combines with all the learning on electromagnetic exposure and work to put all these principles, engineering designs, patented technology, and vision of tech recycling to produce a set of WIFI and Telecommunication Devices for Home and Offices certified with the latest technological standards free of electrosmog emissions.

What makes BEEM different is that it’s the first brand that uses and materializes the electro-clean concept. Using the SPIRO technology, BEEM guarantees electrosmog-free devices, which means that their constant use will be completely harmless to people and the environment.

Also, their devices are manufactured with ecological materials, avoiding plastic and other polluting compounds. Even the paintings and each one of the components used to build these devices is nature-friendly.

Finally, BEEM devices are also built and designed based on the latest trends of electronic engineering. Their design is minimalistic and, when compared to everyday devices, they are more efficient, have increased durability, and are easier to use for everyone.

How do BEEM devices work?

The purpose of BEEM is to protect homes, offices, and their inhabitants from microwave pollution, not ELF, not dirty electricity, but the most common type of EMF pollution we are regularly exposed to: telecommunications. They develop their own electronic and telecommunication devices for domestic purposes or small places, not planning to go industrial.

BEEM products are meant to significantly improve connectivity and avoid the usage impacts that standard electronics and telecommunications devices have on our health and the environment by eliminating electrosmog emissions.

The first products to be manufactured by BEEM will be WIFI Routers – Extenders with Eco-WiFi signals. These devices will be linked to the home or office network and amplify the signals. Also, by resonance effect, these devices will clean the WIFI signal both from the original router in the home or office and the Neighboring WIFI signals reaching the place.

What’s BEEM’s vision for the future?

BEEM will be a pioneer company in manufacturing electronic and telecom devices for home and office made with recyclable materials and incorporating SPIRO technology to make the devices electrosmog-free and human friendly. This brand will help build a new group of technologies that will be EHD (Electro-healthy device) certified, made with electro-clean principles, and a patented/ scientifically proven tech such as Notak’s SPIRO material.

In the future, BEEM will be developing more eco-devices for homes and offices. The purpose is to keep it simple, gathering all the small devices we frequently use, such as WiFi extenders, speakers, headsets, and probably even creating the first electrosmog-free cellphone at some point in the future.

The use of these devices at home will also directly contribute to protecting bees globally. This is why a part of everything that BEEM sells will go to an apiary protection program that will help these insects and other endangered species in open spaces such as parks, zoos, and more.

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