Certification Program

EHE Certification

E.H.E (Electro-Health Environment) Certification Program is the first EMF pollution rating system ever created in the world. It allows to classify the level of health in a building in terms of electromagnetic pollution. it includes a rating system for buildings that aims to help owners and operators control the electromagnetic radiation exposure levels, and mitigate the leading causes of electrosmog.

Available for any type of building (commercial, industrial, public or private), to obtain the E.H.E Certification, a thorough assessment of the area to be certified must be undertaken, evaluating the location, types, and levels of EMF sources.

This program defines the framework to create an EMF free, electrically efficient, and technologically sustainable environment.


  1. A detailed assessment of the building is performed by one of our technicians:
    • -Measurements are taken (Electromagnetic radiation levels and power quality).
    • -Lighting system information collection.
    • -Wi-Fi site survey.
  2. All data collected is later analyzed and corrective changes to meet certification requirements are listed.
  3. After implementing the proposed corrections, or technician will verify that the safety levels have been met.
  4. Certification is granted.


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EHD Certification

Noxtak is trained on being technological consultants on a new standard of electro-clean technologies. This implies an assessment for a new specific protocol in the development of the blueprint in technological equipment and devices. This standard has lead to a certification which is called E.H.D (Electro Health Devices).

This is focused on three basic parameters: