EMF Exposure at Schools: An Archive of Concerns Made Public by Parents and Communities

As there’s more information about electrosmog, more individuals and communities express their concern for its potential effects, especially on children. Historically, there has been a particular interest in school exposure levels and other places kids used to frequent. Electromagnetic pollution (EMF or Electrosmog) is present in every aspect of our lives and every space we […]

Mental Health & EMF: Could Electrosmog have an Influence on Suicide Rates?

Every year, people are getting more conscious about the seriousness of mental health and suicide prevention. Experts have studied the emotional and biological factors behind suicide and depression for years, but have we thought if the conditions of our environment could have an influence too?  Death by suicide is an extremely complex and sensitive issue. […]

Could Electrosmog (EMF) be an accelerator for Climate Change?

Abstract: During these years, many events, such as the Covid-19, have shaken our ways of living; but we seem to have forgotten about a threat that has not gone away: global warming. Human activities are still increasing pollution as we speak, and we are not doing much to change that, so natural temperatures are driving […]

Endangered Bees: What’s the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and what causes it?

Entomologists are currently studying the reasons behind the enormous bee die-off happening worldwide. The phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder might be a contributing factor. Honey bees play an essential role in our ecosystem. They keep the ecological balance in nature and the human population simply would not be sustainable without their help. According to […]

Endangered Bees: Is Glyphosate one of the reasons why we are losing them?

Increased mortality of honey bee colonies has been attributed to several factors but, up to now, the reasons are not yet fully understood. Glyphosate, a broadly used herbicide, is being discussed as one of those reasons. But how can this innocuous herbicide be affecting them? At the NOXTAK Center, we care about environmental health, and […]

EMF and Lighting Systems: Dirty electricity generator

Artificial light and electromagnetic fields are an inescapable reality in which we are immersed everywhere. The light bulb was one of the most spectacular creations, and up to now, we use electric light everywhere and every time, at our homes, offices, in the streets, gyms, even in open spaces. It’s functional, it’s nice, and it’s […]