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How to Use It?

The action range of SPIRO® products is variable in terms of the radius of reach of each product and varies according to the number of films that each product contains. Each product contains a pattern made up of several rounds films (which is itself the proprietary SPIRO® material).

SPIRO® films, as a nanocomposite material, have a residual magnetic dominance effect that extends several centimeters or meters depending on the number of films that the product contains. It is important to note that the number of films does not only gives a greater range extension but also a greater magnetic force in its domain walls, capable of filtering higher levels of electromagnetic pollution.

The number of SPIRO® films incorporated into a product is determined by the type of emission that the product is intended to filter, be it extreme low frequency, near field pollution from alternating current, nearby emissions from direct current electronic devices, far-field radiofrequency or microwave emissions, or a combination of all of them. This calculation is what we call SPIRO® Filtering Power (potency).

Typically, people move between environments in which exposure varies throughout the day, such as their jobs, public places, and their homes, with a special emphasis on their bedrooms. It is not possible to estimate in advance the level of electromagnetic pollution to which each individual is exposed without a professional evaluation involving specialized equipment and software. However, what is possible is to estimate an average exposure to which the individual is exposed and, based on this, to estimate which and how many SPIRO® products are required to filter both high and low frequencies, near field sources, and far-field emissions like those emitted by a mobile phone tower.

It is important to understand that EMF is not bad; actually, we evolved as biological systems immersed in beneficial EMF (from natural sources), our bodies works with electricity and the functioning of each cells in the human body implies an exchange of electrical charges and magnetic charges as well. 

Our heart pulses current, our brain activity is all about electricity, our nervous system too. In medicine, the parameter to assess the state of health or illness in a human body is related to tests that analyze the electrical behavior of our heart like the Electrocardiogram (EKG), the same with our brain scans called Electroencephalogram (EEG), there are even medical studies that evaluate brain activity through the magnetic analysis of the brain, known as magnetoencephalogram (MEG). To summarize: the health of all biological systems have all to do with EMFs. 

EMF is part of the spectrum of radiation, it is, specifically, non-ionizing radiation. The term radiation is poorly understood and is often used as a synonym for something bad or harmful. Radiation, in simple terms, is the propagation of electromagnetic energy in space, there is ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, and radiation from natural sources or from artificial sources. 

Electromagnetic radiation from artificial sources is part of the non-ionizing category and, for that reason, was misunderstood for decades and believed to be harmless for biological systems. However, there is a huge amount of scientific data that shows that this type of radiation, when emanating from man-made sources, normally produces side effects in biological systems, the environment, and even technologies. This “artificial” radiation is capable of damaging the electronic circuits in a computer and reducing the lifespan of electronic devices. So, it’s the same with the human body, with your pets, plants, bees, and so on…

This polarization produces a high level of entropy in the system or environment with which it interacts, be it a living organism, water, soils, or even ecosystems in general. Analyses and samples collected in laboratory and field tests show a high level of Oxidative Stress in those biological systems exposed to these artificially polarized EMFs. In other words, there is a degradation of the system, a loss of electrons, and high production of free radicals. Even ionic charges in the air lose their balance between positive and negative ions. 

This imbalance and chaotic state of the charges or magnetic moments at the fundamental level translates into overstimulation in the cell membrane in the human body, which activates and alters the ionic voltage channels, modifying the electrical potential. This is especially observed in the ionic channels of calcium.

NOXTAK´s Classification for Electrosmog Emissions

Understanding the electrosmog values ​​of high frequency, low frequency, as well as near and far fields of radiation, dirty electricity, static problems, and multiple interferences can be challenging for an average person without specialized technical training and, in many cases, ends up being highly confusing. Most of the people who buy simple electromagnetic radiation meters to measure their homes do not really understand what they are measuring and, even less, how the devices work or why they get such values. All of this leads to wrong conclusions and irrational or simplistic expectations that, ultimately, can lead the person to develop negative psychological conditioning and paranoia for inhabiting any space in which their radiation meter shows “unusual” values.

Average people do not understand the milligauss values ​​of alternating magnetic flux and that the earth’s magnetic field can also be measured at the same milligauss (mG) values, which can lead to erroneous readings in their measurements. All of this makes it even more confusing for them; especially if we add that they probably don’t understand the variables and differences that exist in the magnetic flux of ELF frequencies and how it comes from LF or HF, not to mention other equally important values ​​such as the power density of telecommunications carrier signals in VHF and EHF, values ​​that are measured in milliwatts per square centimeter or square meter (mW / cm2 or m2). Or not knowing the electric or magnetic field strengths of alternating current devices that are different from direct current devices, measured values ​​volts per meter (v / m) or amps per meter (a / m). In short, it is a complex subject that cannot be taken lightly.

However, for practical purposes and to simplify this for people with no technical knowlege, we have developed a cross-equivalence of values that combine all these variables and we have converted such values into a numerical equivalence as a simple guide to classifying environments and classifying our products, all based on in the equivalent filtering potency required for one type of electrosmog or another.

In this way, Filtering Power (potency) 1 corresponds to a Pollution potency of 1. The SPIRO® Filtering Power (potency) starts with NOXTAK’s smallest product, the SPIRO® CARD, made up of 3 films grouped in a triangular pattern. This product represents an equivalent filtering power in electromagnetic pollution values of:

  • High Frequency, Power Density: 0.73 uW / cm2
  • Magnetic Flux Wireless Devices: 2,000 mGauss
  • Alternating Magnetic Flux: 3 mGauss
  • Dirty Electricity: 100 milliVolts unweighted> 60 Hz and <10 MHz.
  • DPA Index of 3 (Data Package Alterations)

It is because of this that SPIRO users can estimate the filtering potency they have by using this product as a reference, or if they have multiple SPIRO products grouped together they can take advantage of it and multiply the potency. The rule is that the more SPIRO films are grouped together, the greater the filtering potency is.

On the other hand, when we talk in terms of how much exposure potency exists in our cities and homes, it’s important to point out that the values are variable during the day depending on the person’s work environment, whether he/she works outdoors or in a closed space, the amount of dirty electricity (harmonics and transients) in the electrical wiring of the building, the volume of wireless devices in the building, proximity to mobile phone towers and/or high voltage lines, among other factors.

Following the standard described above (our numerical equivalence in which Filtering Power (FP) 1 corresponds to a Pollution potency (PP) of 1),  we could say that the pollution potency to which an average individual is exposed when using their own wireless devices, ranges from 0.3 to 0.9 PP. If we add the nearby devices of other individuals, proximity to mobile phone antennas, and other radiofrequency and microwave devices, that pollution potency can rise to 2.5 with peaks of up to 7.1 PP. On top of that, there’s the nearby pollution coming from electrical wiring with high values of dirty electricity, such as in a bedroom or a workplace, which can cause higher variable exposures that go up to 18 PP. Then, we have the semi-industrial exposures with pollution potencies between 38 and 55 PP; and, finally, the industrial exposure that can range between 75 and 150 PP

The Filtering Power (potency) of SPIRO® Products

SPIRO CARD = Power 1

SPIRO SQUARE = Power 2.3


SPIRO DISC = Power 6.3