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How to Use It?

How to use SPIRO®?

The action range of SPIRO® products is variable depending on each product’s radius of reach. This range varies according to the number of films contained within the product. Each product contains a pattern made up of several round films (which is itself the patented SPIRO® material).

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SPIRO® films, as a nanocomposite material, have a residual magnetic dominance effect that extends several centimeters or meters depending on the number of films contained in the product. It is important to note that the number of films not only provides a greater range extension but also a greater magnetic force in its domain walls (Bloch walls), capable of filtering higher levels of electromagnetic pollution. 

The amount of SPIRO® films incorporated in a product is determined by the type of emission that the product is intended to filter, whether it is extremely low frequency, near-field alternating current pollution, near-field emissions from electronic devices that work with direct current, far-field radio frequencies, microwave emissions, or a combination of all of them. This calculation is what we call the SPIRO® Filtering Power.


People typically move between settings where exposure varies throughout the day, such as their jobs, public places, and their homes (with a particular emphasis on their bedrooms). It is not possible to estimate in advance the level of electromagnetic pollution to which each individual is exposed without a professional assessment involving specialized equipment and software. However, what is possible is to estimate an average exposure to which the individual is exposed and, based on this, estimate which and how many SPIRO® products are required to filter out both high and low frequencies, and near and far field sources such as a cell phone tower. 

To this extent, we have created a group of products whose size varies depending on the number of SPIRO® films they have, based on characterizations carried out in the laboratory, and confirmed in field tests. We know the maximum capacity of each product, how much artificially-polarized energy, and in which frequencies can a group of SPIRO® films effectively filter.

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