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Lauren Masselli – Miami – April 17, 2020

The Edison Awards winners were announced on April 08, 2020. The SPIRO MATERIAL by NOXTAK took the silver award for the Material Science – Nanotechnology category.

The SPIRO technology is a nanocomposite material that exhibits a stable ferromagnetism in the nanoscale. SPIRO reorganizes the fundamental particles in artificial fields, making them behave in the same way as natural field related particles. In other words, this material was designed to have specific magnetic properties that generate a protective dominant field in which any artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) will be neutralized or filtered to get rid of its dangerous effects.

The amount of SPIRO material needed to effectively neutralize the negative effects of EMF is proportional to the amount of energy present (measured in power density and magnetic flux). The material does not block or shield EMF, it’s 100% compatible with all technologies, and will not affect any device performance or it’s ability to transmit wireless information. It will actually improve its functionality. 

Among the nomination entries comprising the best products, services, and businesses in innovation for the year 2020, SPIRO MATERIAL was chosen as a winner by a panel of over 3,000 leading business executives from around the world. “After a thorough review, the Edison Awards Judges recognize SPIRO MATERIAL as a game-changing innovation standing out among the best new products and services launched in their category,” said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director of the Edison Awards. 

About the Edison Awards

The Edison Awards is the world’s most revered Innovation Award dedicated to recognizing and honoring the best in innovation and innovators since 1987. For more information about the Edison Awards complete program and a list of past winners, visit


NOXTAK is a company specialized in nanotechnology, sustainable development and environmental consulting on electro-pollution. They invent products to neutralize the electrical pollution in several ways, achieving at the same time an optimization of electricity, an increase in the durability of electronic devices, and the improvement of telecommunications signals.

The NOXTAK Group is a pioneer in a new ecological standard for sustainable developments of all habitats, constructions, and cities. The advantage of the NOXTAK inventions is that they can control 100% all types and levels of electro-pollution without the need to eliminate or replace electrical devices and machines. NOXTAK promotes the use of all technologies with confidence of an electro-pollution free environment.