Heavy Users & Car Protection


Using more nano-structured films, it adds more protection for stronger fields produce for the use of multiple wireless devices simultaneously, also can be used to protect from devices like baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers, office electronics and home appliances. Up to 4 devices*

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What is it for?
The SPIRO SQUARE is twice more powerful than the card for personal protection. It does not replace the SPIRO CARD, but it adds more protection for stronger fields produced by the use of multiple wireless devices simultaneously. It has an action range of 2 meters and is capable of filtering the emissions from higher sources of EMF, and multiple devices.

It works perfectly with…

  • Vehicles (Gas/hybrid)
  • Laptops
  • Desktops computers

Ideal for users such as…

  • IT personnel
  • Security Staff
  • Police Officers / Firefighters
  • UBER & Taxi Drivers
  • Office workers
Where to place it?
In vehicles:

  • It must be placed in the central area of the vehicle. This card’s size is just 10 cm x 10 cm, so it can be easily placed in any space of the card. However, we recommend that the card is placed in the center, between the driver’s and co-pilot’s seats. This way, you can fully take advantage of the 2-meter action range, covering the passengers too.

In laptops:

  • It can be placed just beside the laptop, less than 20 cm from the device.
  • If you use a case for your laptop, place it between the case and the back of the laptop’s screen. This is the ideal placement for the card.

Desktop Computers:

  • It should be placed at a central point between the screen and the keyboard.
What makes SPIRO different?
The SPIRO SQUARE protects your health. It’s based on NOXTAK’s patented and scientifically proven technology, that organizes the radiation spins (Spin Radiation Organizer – SPIRO). It contains 7 nanotechnology manufactured films that have proven to effectively filter the electromagnetic emissions generated by wireless devices, electronics, and vehicles.

The SPIRO SQUARE is unique in its functionality, because it does NOT BLOCK the emissions, but it filters them and eliminates the disturbances and interferences, neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF and making it compatible with our body’s bioelectrical system.

More benefits
  • No static
  • Better connectivity
  • Less heating
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased durability
Life-span and functioning

It doesn’t require batteries.  The technology inside the card (the films) exhibits a permanent and stable magnetic dominance behavior, and these properties are perfectly kept as long as the card is well-preserved.




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