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The quality of telecommunications today is as vital as any other service we use on a daily basis. SPIRO may be the answer to keep improving it.

How important is it to have a stable connectivity? In today’s world, where practically everything we use is connected to the internet, there is no doubt that telecommunications and its performance play a fundamental role in the general improvement of our lives: in entertainment, work, personal communications, and other aspects.

You have probably noticed that there are areas in your home or office where there is a poor Wi-Fi reception, while there are others where you generally prefer to be because they seem to have a stronger signal. This is due to anomalies in the propagation pattern of the waves emitted by the antenna, which can be omnidirectional or unidirectional. But have you ever wondered if there is any way to improve this?

For years, we have worked on the creation of clean technologies that contribute not only to the protection of health and the environment, but also contribute to the quality and performance of transmission devices and signals. Today, we can proudly say that we have achieved this goal.

Based on the results of various signal performance tests, such as the OTA test, in this article we want to show you how SPIRO has turned out to be a solution to improve the quality of telecommunications signals.

What is an OTA test?

OTA (Over-the-air) test is a method used to predict the performance and reliability of a wireless device in the real world. The device under test is placed in a free space environment, inside a test chamber where real-life situations are simulated. The device is subjected to different test conditions to check how it responds in various situations.

OTA testing is a way to ensure that the devices designed or selected will perform the way it is intended to, by measuring its entire signal path and antenna performance. These tests are important as the performance of a wireless device may degrade in the real world due to various reasons, for example, a tablet with poorly placed antennas may suffer low connectivity speeds when a consumer holds the device the wrong way.

OTA testing is very important for any phone, tablet or networked machine device, as any accessory or product may degrade their OTA performance. These tests are also done to certify certain products according to the set standards. Most IoT and M2M device manufacturers also require OTA certified products too.

The OTA test in SPIRO

Since its creation, the SPIRO material in its different presentations has been studied in numerous laboratories to verify the different aspects to which it can contribute with its properties. In this sense, this material was subjected to the OTA and even SAR test by three different laboratories located in the United States, China, and Finland, so that we could check its effects on telecommunications signals.

These studies were carried out in laboratories specially equipped for OTA according to the parameters of the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association). Various wireless devices were used and, for example, the interaction between two cellular devices and the signal propagation of a WIFI router were measured.

In the various studies carried out, it was found that there is an improvement in the antenna propagation pattern of mobile devices. In other words, the dominant field of SPIRO, which produces a natural magnetic ordering and balances the charges carried by artificial electromagnetic radiation, generates a positive change in the propagation pattern of telecommunication antennas.

In conclusion, these studies confirmed that SPIRO does not alter the performance of the equipment and does not block the outgoing or incoming signals of the devices, but rather modifies the way in which the signal propagates and optimizes it without altering the potency or generating anomalies in it.

The effect of SPIRO on signal propagation

In field case studies, the effect of SPIRO has also been verified in residential, commercial buildings, and even exploratory tests have been carried out in industrial areas. In all cases, it has been found that the propagation of signals from the antennas is more uniform.

This means that the SPIRO effect equalizes the signal strength in all the spaces of the same building, thus eliminating the typical phenomenon of signal concentrations that accumulate in one area and become weaker in other areas.

For example, in the case of the WIFI signal, it was observed that SPIRO even manages to generate a small increase in the range of the signal in buildings. Most notable is how the signal quality becomes more uniform in all directions. These effects were measured both in download and upload.

In conclusion, the purpose of SPIRO in the propagation of the signal is to normalize it and distribute it evenly throughout the space, so that there are no accentuated bumps with a very bad signal and other areas with very good signal peaks.

All these effects are framed, as we have previously mentioned, in the principle that the natural polarization contained in the SPIRO filters translates not only into a neutralization of the effects of electromagnetic pollution on our health and the environment, but also, it has beneficial effects on connectivity links. This confirms that the action of the SPIRO filter does not alter the operation of the devices, but rather optimizes it.

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