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Stroom master dirty electricity


Dirty power problems are becoming more common in today’s world and they affect not only your health but also the lifespan of your electronic equipment and appliances. We tell you how using Noxtak technology helps you solve them.

Dirty electricity is part of electromagnetic pollution and it is a phenomenon that occurs worldwide and in every home. The term dirty electricity refers to harmonics and transients above 60 Hz and, in simple terms, it is noise in the electrical line combined with electromagnetic interferences that flow through the electrical wiring and contaminate (greater electromagnetic disturbance) the fields that surround the power lines.

Dirty power is not something you can feel, so we don’t usually realize it’s there; Also, this phenomenon is very unknown, even though it has been proven that it does affect our health. That is why it is necessary to understand how to detect and avoid it in our everyday environment.

All the research that has been done up to now and the innumerable number of case studies on the subject have concluded that this phenomenon is harmful both to human health and to the integrity of electronic equipment; so there should be a broader education on electrical pollution, how to control it, measure it, and especially how to avoid the harmful effects.

In this sense, for many years, at Noxtak we have dedicated ourselves to studying and testing solutions that can suppress the effects of electromagnetic pollution. In the case of dirty electricity, we seek not only to preserve human health but the useful life of electronic equipment; This is where the Stroom Master, our solution for filtering dirty electricity, comes from.

The history of the Stroom Master

This device arises after developing SPIRO, which is our electromagnetic filter for all non-ionizing radiation frequencies from 0Hz to more than 300Ghz. This is the technology that Noxtak has used since it started its use case phase and research studies; but then, in the search phase, we came across the element of dirty electricity, something the SPIRO filter was not created for. Although it can protect people from the disturbance of the fields around the wiring, Spiro does not remove the noise and interference from the power line.

Many cases of electro-hypersensitive people were found on our investigation and, thinking that SPIRO was not created to eliminate the noise of dirty electricity, we started using the dirty electricity filters that were available on the market. But we noticed that there were people with a higher degree of sensitivity who were still affected by these filters due to the magnetic field produced by their normal operation.

It was there when we began our quest to create that filter of dirty current more friendly for the most hypersensitive people: the Stroom Master. Stroom is a Dutch word that means “current”; so Stroom Master means “current master”.

What is a dirty electricity filter?

Separated from SPIRO, which is a material with dominant nanomagnetic properties that acts as a passive filter for electromagnetic waves, the dirty electricity filter takes out the noise in the current, which are all the interferences that flow through the electrical wiring.

These are signals that are usually known as interference, but in electrical engineering is known as transients and harmonics of current. These are frequencies above 60Hz which are not necessary, but they are like a phantom reflection that remains in the electricity that rises above 60Hz and goes up to Kilohertz, Megahertz, or even more.

When connected, these electronic filters avoid the passage of those harmonics and transients in the fluid of the power line and block them. But they also generate a magnetic field around the filter that, although it is very small, is present and could generate disturbances in electrosensitive people.

The differentiating element of the Stroom Master

People who are electrohypersensitive at a high level are still able to perceive those tiny magnetic fields generated by a conventional filter when connected. This disturbance can be felt especially when the filter is plugged in close to the bed or near a space that they frequent a lot. Keep in mind that there are people who are extremely sensitive and can develop EHS symptoms simply by the presence of a magnetic field, however small it is.

Noticing the disturbances generated by conventional filters in electrohypersensitive people, at Noxtak we started to create a superior filter. How did we do it? First, we developed our electronic filter, then we added the SPIRO passive filter with a triple power (9 films), which works in the entire wide frequency range.

This mixture then allowed us to provide hypersensitive people with a solution they could use without fear of disturbance. Our filter for dirty current has better properties than existing filters on the market, because, through the combination of SPIRO films, we were able to offer a filter with a wider range that can eliminate harmonics and transients from the high-frequency current. Using the SPIRO filters, we were able to generate a balance of extremely high-frequency unbalanced charges, such as the frequencies of microwave waves up to 300Ghz. That is why the Stroom Master offers you the best protection against this problem; it is a 2 in 1 solution.

As specialists in environmental measurements and electromagnetic exposure control, at Noxtak we firmly believe that we can continue to use technologies hand in hand with solutions that protect the environment and our health. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to developing solutions like this one to protect people, improve the quality of the environment, and completely neutralize the effects of electromagnetic pollution.

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