What We Do

We are a company specialized in nanotechnology, sustainable development and we do all kinds of environmental assessment of electrical pollution. The products we invented neutralize the electrical pollution in several ways, achieving at the same time the optimization of electricity, increase in the durability of equipment and improving telecommunications signals.

The NOXTAK Group is a pioneer in a new ecological standard for sustainable developments of all habitats, constructions and cities. The company incorporates their solutions in technological systems and equipment to improve their functionality by eliminating any harm to the health and environment.

The advantage of the NOXTAK products is that they are capable of controlling 100% all types and levels of electro-pollution, without the need to eliminate or replace electrical equipment and machines. NOXTAK, promotes the use of all technologies with confidence of an electro-pollution free environment.


The NOXTAK project was born in 2012, in order to design solutions to eliminates the problem of electropollution and at the same time supports the growth and the need for wireless communications. The project became a company, based on the island of Aruba, as a result of a crowdfunding from a private Dutch group and later following our global vision, it registered in the United States, Switzerland and Holland.


The company develops solutions based on the Nano-magnetism, making use of the natural properties of certain types of Nano particles that in a specific size are placed on a special type of film, producing a type of material called SPIRO (Spin Polariser Instrument of Radiation Organiser) which has been patented as an invention of the NOXTAK Group.

This material, in combination with other special materials, make up the solutions designed by NOXTAK. These solutions are balancing the waves of radio frequency and electromagnetic charges that are used in telecommunications. Polarizing groups of elemental particles in the electricity and information packets are spread in the form of radio signals, television, cellular phones, WIFI, GPS amongst others. This balance and polarization of NOXTAK products produce a complete neutralization of the electropollution, in both high and low frequencies.

The company has established international scientific cooperation with respected laboratories, institutions and multidisciplinary universities. By means of these solutions NOXTAK Group goes a step further and manages to produce human friendly green technologies for the well-being of the humanity and the environment.


The Noxtak Group is specialized in the professional evaluation of the different levels of electropollution presented in all types of environments, as well as long range measurements in order to obtain the background levels of radiation in the cities.

The company uses specialized equipment such as: electric field meters (V/m), magnetic meters (A/m), frequency meters for the reading of radio-frequency in mW/cm2 and dB/m, as well as magnetic flow Gauss meters with readings in mGauss.

Through this, the company has collected data from dozens of cities in countries from different continents and as a result it has obtained invaluable data that allow us to assist Governments with up to-date information


There are multiple ways to promote sustainable development. In the case of NOXTAK, our contribution is given by controlling electro-pollution. Electro-pollution has an impact on the accelerated deterioration of the materials from electrostatic discharge (ESD), data package alteration (DPA), which turn out in the need of replacing deteriorated materials. Replacement of equipment and technologies implies an intensive consumption of none renewable natural resources which are a threat to sustainability.

NOXTAK products, promote highest technological performance, prolonging the life of equipment and minimizing its deterioration. The optimization of electrical functioning and elimination of the imbalance in the electricity leads to an increase in the durability of the batteries, a considerable electrical saving and an increase of the performance in solar panels.