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NOXTAK’s Communications Office – August 14, 2021

EMF documentary NOXTAK

This month aired an educational short-format documentary about electromagnetic pollution on national television, and NOXTAK was invited to be the primary specialized guest to talk about this crucial, yet broadly unknown topic.

The purpose of this short documentary was to educate the public and provide them a general panorama of the problem of electromagnetic pollution, explaining what causes it, the consequences it can have on human health, the environment, technologies, and the possible solutions.

We asked the founders of NOXTAK a few words about this project:

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with this micro-documentary, and make a simple educational piece about this very important subject,  I’m glad that one officer of the Government of Doral stepped up and manifest the importance for local cities to collaborate with companies like Noxtak, conduct studies on the city and try to find realistic solutions instead of just ignore the subject. I want to give my special thanks as well to Dr. Valdes, who is committed always to educate, and his words about oxidative stress and Electropollution (EMF) were more than accurate.” Joaquin Machado, NOXTAK’s CEO, commented.

Marianella Romero, Noxtak’s COO, also commented: “We started this project as a humanitarian endeavor to help as many people as possible and protect the future generations from this invisible threat of Electropollution (EMF). The producers of this perfect well-done educational piece expect to reach 60 million households in the next 12 months and I hope this could help all people like us, committed to this important mission of creating safe and electrosmog-free environments free of Electropollution, bring the topic to larger audiences.” 

The main subjects the founders of NOXTAK, as experts in the field, considered important to share in this educational piece were:

  • Electropollution is an Environmental Toxin.
  • Electropollution is everywhere and we can’t hide.
  • Electropollution is affecting all species.
  • Electropollution is affecting all humans at a cellular level.
  • Electropollution can be filtered instead of trying to block it.
  • Electropollution, including 5G, is not a problem we can not solve.
  • Electropollution needs to be taken into consideration by local governments.
  • Electropollution can produce Electrohypersensitivity, and the problem is not in the person but in the environment.
  • Electrohypersensitivity can be assessed and we are promoting a global census initiative on this matter.
  • Electropollution will make all the technologies less durable, unsafe, and inefficient.
  • Finally, to give hope to all Electrohypersensitive people that a company like NOXTAK knows about the problem, that we have developed a filtering solution -born from an Electrohypersensitivity problem experienced first-hand by one of our founders- and, since then, we have helped thousands of people suffering from EHS with our solution.

The micro-documentary is already being broadcasted on National Television and can be found directly on the websites of the producers of The ViewPointProject. However, tomorrow at 8:00 pm EST, the piece is going to Premiere on our YouTube Channel without the introduction of the host, according to proprietary rights.

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